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Dissecting Wire Fraud: How it Happens and How to Prevent it

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Wire transactions have increased the speed and simplicity of transferring money, but we need to face the facts - wire fraud has kept up the same pace, if not faster.

Financial institutions must shore up their strategies to decrease fraud losses and the accompanying operational and reputational costs. Preventing wire fraud starts with understanding how it is perpetrated and the options fraudsters have for initiating fraudulent wire requests. Legacy rules-based solutions aren’t enough - it’s time to elevate your wire fraud prevention strategy.

In this white paper, gain expert insights on:

• Examples of fraud cases illustrating the breadth of schemes and strategies in play

• The true cost of wire-fraud to financial institutions - monetary and reputational

• A proven, recommended, AI behavior-based fraud prevention strategy to detect wire fraud, regardless of how the wire request was originated or what fraud scheme is in play