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How to Grow Sales Faster in the Customer Era

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Manufacturers are in the midst of a truly tectonic shift. The industry has leapfrogged simple assembly lines to embrace bold new production and design techniques. Production automation, robotics, 3-D printing, and generative design software are creating a wealth of new products, along with higher standards for efficiency. There is an equally impactful shift on the customer demand side that is being driven by advancements in technology and rapidly increasing competition.

Buyers, who are more connected than ever, expect more from the products they buy, and demand engaging ways to buy them, too. Disruption is the norm, even for makers of industry staples like cars, thermostats, electronics, construction equipment, and healthcare products. Prototypes are easier to make, funding is flowing, and the next big competitor could be a small group with a big idea. Manufacturers cannot stand still – they must take advantage of the newly emerging customer era by going beyond the product, connecting to customers in entirely new ways.

This e-book reveals how successful manufacturers are thriving by going to market faster, supercharging team productivity, redefining successful channel partnerships, and delivering the correct products on time, every time. Read on to learn how you can box out your competition and gain ground as the next round of innovation starts.