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Northern Telecom Ltd reckons it will transform standard computer networks into an integrated multimedia Power Network, with the help of a number newly announced strategic partnerships. Introduced at the Networld & Interop show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Power Network is said reduce network complication, improving performance and lowering network operating costs. Power Networks are built to order and integrate legacy networks on Asynchronous Transfer Mode or Internet Protocol frame backbones. Nortel says the four main attributes of the networks are their ability to offer managed personal networking, flexible network access, switched network access and virtual private networking. The company has struck agreements with the likes of Cabletron Systems Inc and Auspex Systems Inc. Cabletron is supporting the network principles and providing Nortel with Local Area Network technology, while Auspex is working with Nortel to provide network data servers that enable extensive video libraries to be easily accessed over the Internet or corporate intranet. Toronto, Canada-based Nortel is aiming its networks at businesses that need increased network performance and capability to enhance trading.

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