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Dublin, Ireland-based data storage outfit Eurologic Systems is touting a next-generation series of its Voyager Series RAID solutions comprising PCI, Midrange SCSI and High End SCSI RAID Arrays. The entry-level Voyager 1000 Series is a grouping of host based PCI RAID solutions aimed at the midrange capacity, high performance application market. A single internal controller supporting up to 14 drives is user configurable with a variety of RAID levels across two Ultra SCSI channels. The mid-range 3000 comes with a range of external SCSI RAID solutions with the single controller supporting up to 117Gb across two Ultra SCSI channels with user configurable RAID levels 0, 1, 3 and 5. A failover option provides the ultimate in fault tolerance. The 5000 Series comes with a single controller supporting up to 378Gb across 6 SCSI channels, with support for up to 3 hosts. The high availability option delivers dual active / active controllers. It comes with user configurable RAID option with up to 512Mb of cache. All the Voyager RAID Arrays utilize Eurologic’s Voyager Series Storage Technology. The solutions are based on a single internal Ultra SCSI backplane (40 Mbps). The SCA 2 (single connector architecture) is used as standard to interface between drives and backplane for higher reliability and true hot swapping. A hot swap device carrier is the base building block for the Voyager Series. It comes with dual redundant hot swappable Advanced Cooling Modules (ACMs) for cooling of high RPM (10,100) and 9Gb drives whilst optional battery backup ensures full data transfer in the case of a power failure. Also included is an Environmental Monitoring Unit which monitors all drives, power supplies, ACMs and temperature. A SAFTE option will shortly be available. Eurologic sees Voyager playing in the medical imaging applications like picture archival and communication systems (PACS), CAD/CAM and pre-press environments. It claims revenue of $12m last year. Voyager prices go from $3,000 to $20,000.

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