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Dynasty Technologies Inc is staging something of a quiet comeback since being acquired by European Technology and Finance at the end of last year and consolidating to new headquarters in Mountain View, California, claiming it will do some $20m this year compared with $12m-odd in 1996 (CI No 3,048). The company says that it was previously operating almost as three separate companies, with marketing and executive management located in Lisle, Illinois; development in Texas; and an international operating in Europe. Dynasty’s new management team realized the company was never going to be successful trying to follow in the footsteps of Forte Software Inc with me-too three-tier and second generation application development tools. So it’s re- positioning the Dynasty Development Environment as a component- based architecture designed for creating assemble-to-order applications. When it debuts version 3.0 of DDE it’ll take advantage of the all of the component-oriented buzzwords and over time is looking towards a vertically-oriented architecture as it claims to be winning significant business from the broadcast and media industry – from companies such as CBS – retail, financial’ services and telecoms. It expects its solution to play between the specialist job shops building end-to-end solutions to order and the SAP, Baan and PeopleSoft-type applications which effectively ask users to customize stock versions of their software. Dynasty is especially proud of its implementation of Tuxedo OLTP APIs which can be swapped out for its own transaction-based object request broker for in very high-use applications. It reckons the reason why developers can find Dynasty hard to learn is because it requires to do mouse-based application development using components rather than command line coding. It says a poll of its users found the majority didn’t want to company to spend resources on creating a Java version of its server code and C language application generator.

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