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Everything you need to know about Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker

The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) claims to have created a two week window in which we can regroup before the assault from Gameover Zeus (GOZeuS) and CryptoLocker resumes. But how good is this opportunity to combat the infamous Trojan? CBR asked the experts, and they responded.

Antivirus is a "con", and it won’t protect you from CryptoLocker

The NCA’s recommendation that the public patch their computers and run a few virus scanners is likely to have raised a few eyebrows in the digital security sector. Is this the same software that Symantec’s Brian Dye had called "dead" but a few weeks ago, somehow able to beat a virulent mutation of the Zeus trojan?

"For years the antivirus industry has been promoting a flawed product to the mass market as a protection product – a huge con," said Melih Abdulhayoglu, chief executive of software company Comodo. "Traditional antivirus products do not and cannot protect you from new malware like CryptoLocker that they can’t detect."

He added that sandboxing was a superior method of protecting against malware, isolating traffic before it makes it into the main system. This method of protection is likely to become more common, as more in the security industry recommend segmenting data based on sensitivity.

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GOZeuS and CryptoLocker are a matter of "national cyber defence"

Steven Harrison, lead technologist at enterprise networking firm Exponential-e, is calling for a different approach entirely, one out of the hands of the common user. "To stop GOZeuS morphing and resurfacing in two weeks, the attack must be fought on a much wider scale and treated as a national cyber defence issue," he said.

He added that monitoring of workforce activity would help companies detect a breach. "Only by applying holistic threat detection, that watches the behaviour of a large number of people, can we defend against threats that resurface in a different uniform or attack us for the first time."

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