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10 huge statements from Salesforce Dreamforce

1: Marc Benioff Salesforce CEO: "Success is measured in different ways. 1/1/1 is a speck of sand when you look at what needs to be done."
(The Salesforce Foundation gives one per cent of company time, one per cent of founding stock cash and one per cent of product away to non-profits and development efforts)

2: Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft: "The most subjective thing in the world is a sales team’s estimate of closing a deal."

3: Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-founder, "We’re not in a technology war." (In answer to a question on whether Salesforce has better technology than google.

4: Travis Kalanick, CEO Uber, "I’m no futurist."

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5: Stephen Kelly, CEO Sage, "And the other thing with Salesforce is the scale, here at Dreamforce, are 150,000 people, it’s is like a movement, a volunteer army."

6: Keith Block, vice chairman and president, Salesforce: "Every CEO’s agenda is growth, companies can no longer cut their way to prosperity."

7: John Thompson, Chairman, Microsoft: "The opportunity ahead is to change the lives of people everywhere on the planet because we’ll make the ubiquity of computing available to everyone through mobile devices and cloud services."

8: Satya Nadella, "Conversations are becoming the new driver of productivity. They are the new platform. Conversations between people, between groups, around all of the work artefacts, documents and even business process events."

9: Paul Clarke, CTO Ocado, "Getting women into senior IT positions is a passion for Ocado. Marc Benioff said this is the first Dreamforce which ran a diversity day and said we’ve seen the last one without one."

10: Marc Benioff on Dreamforce: "We have created over 1,600 sessions and we expect you to go to each and every one of them."

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