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Top 10 laptops for Christmas, including Apple, Lenovo, and Samsung


Macbook Pro Retina


Starting off with what many users feel is the best laptop you can currently buy, the Macbook Pro. Apple’s annually-updated machine comes in 13- and 15-inch iterations, and will set you back up to £1600 for the larger version.

The 13-inch model, however, is currently sitting at around the £1000 mark and comes with an Intel i7 processor. It’s just 1.8cm thick and weighs just 1.57kg, and of course comes with Apple’s ‘Retina’ display, which sits somewhere in between 1080p Full HD and 3K resolution. In layman’s terms, sitting in front of this laptop, you won’t be able to see any pixels. Cracking screen quality!

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Macbook Air


Love the quality and aesthetics of the Macbook Pro but still finding it too heavy to lug around? Want to wave around your laptop with one hand whilst delivering a stellar presentation to co-workers? Want to sound like you have a laptop from the future? IF the answer is yes to those questions, the Macbook Air is for you.

Whilst not being as highly specced as the Macbook Pro, the Macbook Air makes up for those shortcoming with sheer weight and size. The 11-inch version (£749) weighs just over 1kg and the 13-inch version (£849) comes in at 1.35kg. Both versions are tapered from 0.3cm to 1.7cm.

Lenovo Y50 4K


Lenovo’s premium gaming powerhouse, the Lenovo Y50, got upgraded this year to feature a 4K display. It’s one of the first laptops ever to feature a resolution of this quality, and whilst some applications are still catching up (text can appear tiny at 4K) this laptop really is futureproofed.

For a 15-inch gaming laptop, it’s surprisingly light at 2.4kg and looks stunning with its red backlit keyboard and brushed aluminium case. Perks? Solid gaming performance with the NVIDIA GTX-860M 4G, quality keyboard, spectacular display, JBL speakers. Downsides? Poor battery life and size. Think of this as a sexy desktop replacement.

Acer C720 (Chromebook)


Heard of a Chromebook? If not, here’s the deal. Chromebooks are Google’s attempt at claiming the budget laptop market with cheap and cheerful devices manufactured by partners such as Acer, Samsung, and Toshiba. They run on Google’s Chrome OS, and solely use cloud storage and cloud apps to enable the user to work. They’re gaining significant traction in the education sector, and the C720 is a prime example of what’s so appealing about Chromebooks.

At around £200, you’ll get a 1kg 11-inch laptop with a battery that lasts for over 8 hours. A must for Google-heads.

Surface Pro 3


Is it a tablet or a laptop? Microsoft certainly wants you to believe that the brand spanking new Surface Pro 3 is in fact a laptop, or rather, a laptop replacement.

The successor to the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft ups the game with the newest iteration and at first glance, the Surface Pro 3 really could be a device that Microsoft will be proud of.

The tablet’s got a 12in 2,140 x 1,440 resolution screen with a DPI of 216 ppi and other specs include a MicroSD slot, USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPort and of course Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and 5MP cameras both front and rear.

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