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7 Security predictions for the 2013 threat landscape

Mobile devices


Web based cross platform exploits will make it easier for criminals to target Windows 8, Android and iOS. Microsoft mobile devices are expected to see the largest increase of security threats in 2013. Cybercriminals will focus on the most profitable platforms.

Cybercriminals will use new methods to avoid sandbox detection

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data security

Attackers are taking new steps to avoid detection by virtual machine defenses. New methods of attack will attempt to identify a security sandbox and will remain hidden until attackers are certain they are not in a virtual security environment.


Mobile app stores

Facebook App store

The number of mobile apps slipping past validation processes will increase in 2013. These malicious apps will continue to pose a security threat to businesses that support BYOD policies. Businesses and consumers should beware of non-sanctioned app stores.


Government-sponsored attacks will increase

Government sponsored attacks

After state-sponsored attacks like Stuxnet and Flame, cyber-warfare is expected to increase as countries recruit talent and resources to create cyber-weapons as well as increase their own security.

Hacktivists will up their game


Even though organizations have implemented better security policies and detection, hacktivist are expected to bypass this by increasing their sophistication.


Malicious emails will make a comeback

spear-phishing emails

Targeted Spear-phishing emails attacks along with an increase in malicious email attachments are expected to provide new opportunities for cyber criminals in 2013.


Content management systems will be targeted


As CMS systems become more popular, cybercriminals will continue to test the vulnerability of these systems. CMS administrators will need to pay attention to updates and other security measures to guard against malware and protect company data.

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