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Technology / Cybersecurity

How to become a hacker

Becoming a hacker can be a very long-term process, requiring lengthy education or financial investment.

The term ‘hacker’ is used extremely broadly but is generally used to mean someone who finds and exploits weaknesses in a system.

This covers a range of motives, including criminal hackers, who may hack to steal data for financial gain or try to hack into companies or websites to prove a point or to embarrass the victim.

There is also the category of ‘White Hat’ hackers who try to expose flaws in the defences of organisations to prevent them from being attacked by a malicious actor.

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Whatever the reason, hacking is not a simple process and requires a considerable investment of time and possibly money.
The first step towards being a hacker is interest; many hackers get into hacking simply because they enjoy the process of taking things apart or crave the challenge of trying to get into guarded systems.

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