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RISC server revenues tumble, hits top 5 vendors

Worldwide RISC/Itanium Unix server revenue and shipments were down across the board in Q2 2014, with all top five server vendors seeing YoY declines.

The biggest losers when it came to RISC/Itanium Unix worldwide revenue were HP, Fujitsu and Oracle who saw -34.7%, -9% and -5,6% declines, respectively.

When it came to worldwide shipments, the RISC/Itanium Unix vendors seeing the biggest declines were Oracle, HP and Hitachi with -24.2%, -24.1% and -14.3% declines, respectively.

Top 5 RISC/Itanium Unix Vendors by Vendor Revenue – Worldwide
  2Q15 2Q14 2Q15 Market Share (%) 2Q14 Market Share (%) Year-Over-Year Growth (%)
IBM 613,440,944 636,196,341 55.8% 52.3% -3.6%
Oracle 291,041,100 308,467,835 26.5% 25.3% -5.6%
HP 132,925,758 203,622,231 12.1% 16.7% -34.7%
Fujitsu 29,697,995 32,624,031 2.7% 2.7% -9.0%
Atos 13,060,886 13,084,987 1.2% 1.1% -0.2%
Other Vendors 19,211,627 23,585,160 1.7% 1.9% -18.5%

However, some server vendors tried to offset Q2 RISC/Itanium Unix losses with revenue growth in the x86 market.

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Ignoring Lenovo’s 526.5% YoY growth resulting from the acquisition of IBM’s x86 business a year ago, the x86 server worldwide revenue winners in Q2 were Huawei (61.1%), Cisco (19.1%) and HP (10.9%).

The same vendors also led the market when it came to increases in worldwide x86 shipments, with Huawei seeing an increase of 38.5%, Cisco 4% and HP 2.6%.

Looking at the bigger server picture, overall it was good news for the server market in Q2 2015, with worldwide server shipments increasing 8% YoY and revenue up 7.2% from Q2 2014.

While North America posted significant growth with a 14.8% increase, EMEA shipments were hit by the strong US dollar and economic uncertainty resulting in a 5.6% decline.

EMEA server revenue was also down in Q2, contracting by 2.3% and totalling $3.2bn.

"The second quarter year-over-year growth for 2015 slowed compared with the annual growth of the first quarter of the year," said Jeffrey Hewitt, research vice president at Gartner. "Currency exchange rate changes have started to show their impact by reducing relative spending power in regions like Western Europe.

"It is likely that in anticipation of further currency rate shifts that some organisations utilised their budgets earlier in the year rather than waiting until the third or fourth quarters, when their purchasing power may be further reduced by these relative currency changes."

HP remained the server market top dog with a 25.2% worldwide market share and a 2.5% YoY shipment increase. HP’s worldwide server shipment share, however, dropped 1.2% from the same quarter in 2014 to 21.7%

IBM and Dell could not share in the Q2 success of their rivals, with IBM the only top five vendor failing to increase worldwide revenue and Dell being the only top five vendor not seeing an increase in worldwide product shipments.

All figures are from Gartner’s Q2/15 WW server vendor shipments and revenue results.
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