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Twitter: Men hate Valentine’s Day

The tweets are flooding into Twitter with popular topics trending like ‘Happy Valentines Day’, ‘Relationships end because’ and ‘Today is Tuesday.’

According to NM Incite’s research, 66% of women are tweeting about Valentine’s Day compared to just 34% of men. Even though 11% of these female tweets are negative, the majority are using Twitter to express their positive thoughts about the day.

Twitter Valentine's Day

The study analysed over 70,000 tweets in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and revealed that only 10% of men have something positive to say about February 14th. Positive sentiment is twice as much among women at 20%.

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23% of males used the micro blogging site to complain about Valentine’s Day, about half the amount among women.

In the days leading up to the holiday, the most discussed topic was not having a date, tweeted by 25% of men and 36% of women. Yet the most tweeted topic for men was their general dislike for the holiday.



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