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Sound Decisions in Dynamic Times – Forecasts and Simulations Support Modern Corporate Management

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Markets and competition today are highly dynamic and complex, and the future is characterized by uncertainty – not least because of COVID-19. This uncertainty is currently at the forefront of everyone‘s minds. Satisfying customer needs and securing solvency in volatile markets both require quick decisions and decisive action. In order to meet these challenges, corporate planning and forecasting needs to be carried out efficiently, in shorter cycles and must be updated quickly for well-founded decision-making. Corporate planning has to deliver meaningful results more quickly and must therefore be highly integrated and automated. This study examines how companies around the world are adapting and improving their corporate planning to meet these challenges and cope with increasing dynamics. We hope that this study will provide you with the inspiration to improve and optimize your corporate planning and forecasting and that you enjoy reading it!

The central questions addressed by this study are:

– How are companies adapting their planning and forecasting activities to the demands of a dynamic environment?
– What measures are being taken to make corporate management more agile and what challenges do companies face?
– How is the role of forecasting and planning changing in a dynamic environment?
– What are the benefits of simulations and scenario analyses in forecasting and corporate planning?