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Secure Beyond Breach

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Cyberspace connects every part of civilization. It is the new map of the world. A good security segmentation (often referred to as microsegmentation or even just segmentation) strategy helps you see and control your terrain, map your own applications, and set rules for how servers interact. Rather than simply segmenting networks on a macro level, however, a robust segmentation strategy takes a granular approach, identifying and setting rules between key workloads, applications, and servers. This granular approach has been called “micro-segmentation” and it builds fences to ensure appropriate access and data flows within an organization. Once those fences are built, you can stop intruders from moving unencumbered from one server to another. Security segmentation provides a foundation of cyber resilience for an organization to withstand an attack, a final layer in a “new security stack” of firewalls, encryption, and multi-factor authentication. It provides a true defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy.

This book will show you how to implement a security segmentation strategy from start to finish. It is designed to help you ensure that your missions continue even if the enemy has scaled your exterior walls. This book will help you become secure beyond breach.