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Intel SGX in the real world


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Intel SGX technology is a game-changer for data sovereignty, security and privacy, enabling organisations to protect data not just when it’s in transit or at rest, but also when it’s in use. It splits applications into a non-secure part and a secure part that runs inside an enclave: a protected, private region of system memory. What goes on inside the enclave is invisible to other applications, the OS or the hypervisor, ensuring that even someone who has access to the hardware can’t read any data exposed within it.

What’s more, a process of attestation ensures that applications writing to and reading from the enclave can be sure that it is a specific enclave and that all the appropriate security protections are in place. Attestation guarantees that any data written out from the enclave is legitimate and unmodified – that it can be trusted.

Yet the exciting thing about Intel SGX isn’t how it works, but what it enables and empowers. From fighting viruses and improving healthcare to delivering secure compute capabilities at the edge, SGX is a technology with transformative potential.

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