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IDC: The Business Value of Storage Solutions from Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

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Dell Technologies

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In the era of digital transformation — the evolution toward much more data-centric business models — information technology (IT) organizations of all sizes are challenged to meet higher performance, agility, availability, and scalability requirements while staying within strict budgetary constraints. Adapting to the demands of digital transformation is not a choice — it is an imperative that organizations ignore at their own risk. To best support the business on its digital transformation journey, IT must be able to respond faster to take advantage of changing market conditions and new business opportunities, all the while enabling increasing use of big data and analytics (real time and otherwise); more personalized interaction with customers, around-the-clock operations; and better use of innovation to drive competitive differentiation.

Prompted by the demands of digital transformation, almost 70% of organizations are planning to modernize their server, storage, and/or data protection infrastructure in the next several years and are looking to specific technology to help streamline IT infrastructure while meeting all these new requirements. Those technologies include software-defined storage (SDS), cloud, cybersecurity enhancements, NVMe, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Dell Technologies offers a broad IT infrastructure portfolio that differentiates it from its competitors that just sell storage. The vendor has taken advantage of its server, data protection, and storage infrastructure offerings to create well-integrated solutions that can be easier to deploy and manage than a customer-assembled IT infrastructure built from point products. To cater to increasing customer needs to choose from both capital expenditure (capex) and operational expenditure (opex) consumption models, Dell Technologies provides both outright purchase and subscription-based pricing models across its entire portfolio. IDC undertook a primary research project, commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel, to identify key storage infrastructure requirements among Dell Technologies’ customers undergoing digital transformation and determine what factors were important in selecting Dell Technologies as their enterprise storage supplier during infrastructure modernization.

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