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EDR – the case for automation and simplification

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In the current climate you can’t avoid the scaremongering about the escalating volume and complexity of cyberthreats. It’s all true. But it’s nothing new. Cybercriminals develop attack mechanisms, vendors develop counter-measures, cybercriminals develop ways or getting around these, we counter these with further technologies and so on. That’s just how it works.

At this point, you’ll also have heard on all sides that Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities are now a necessity rather than a luxury. This is also true. But, as with all cybersecurity considerations, there’s a balance to be found.

So, is this a good time to invest in EDR if you haven’t already done so? Organisations of every size and type, regardless of their levels of cybersecurity expertise, need to be considering advanced detection, better visibility and an instant response to complex threats.

But you do need to know what you’re getting for your money, and what you would do with it.

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