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Digital Acceleration: The Importance of Client Lifecycle Risk Management

NICE Actimize

White Paper by

NICE Actimize

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Financial institutions (FIs) face an increasingly complex dilemma as a result of digital acceleration - balancing the expectations of seamless customer experiences against the pressures to build better defenses against financial crime.

By operating in silos, blind spots are inevitable. Without a holistic view of your customers, you could be missing critical financial crime risks. For optimal risk management, a deep understanding of your customers is required. Only by fusing together all activities, transactional and non-transactional, from onboarding, screening and KYC to fraud and AML monitoring with advanced analytics, will you gain clarity through context for better financial crime risk management.

In this whitepaper by NICE Actimize and Aite Group, we’ll examine the building blocks in orchestrating a fully integrated, data-driven, and analytical approach to Customer Lifecycle Risk Management (CLRM) – empowering you to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers and their associated risks to strike the right balance between financial crime risk management and business growth objectives.