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Building robust defenses with limited resources

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Most organisations, regardless of size, location or discipline, now understand that when it comes to a cyber-attack, the question’s not whether it will happen to them, but when. Nobody should now consider themselves immune.

But having the time, the resources, or the motivation to navigate the current threat and security landscape effectively – well that’s another question.

Most information security analysts – and there aren’t nearly enough of them to go round – are overworked as it is. Looking after new employees and their devices, figuring out new laws and compliance issues, reading up on the latest threats – all this needs to be dealt with before actually getting down to the main business of corporate protection.

Basically, very few security professionals, if any, can enjoy the luxury of spending all their time hunting down new and exotic threats and responding to them.

Which is where cybersecurity vendors and their products and solutions come in. Our job is help you fully secure your infrastructure and keep your users safe, with the lowest possible expenditure in terms of resources, including time and money as well as expensive and hard-to-get expertise

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