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Budgeting for a modern SIEM

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For CEOs, growth is a welcome challenge — it’s an indicator that business is healthy. But growth also poses a real challenge for CISOs for two reasons: First, when budgeting for a security information and event management (SIEM) system, CISOs are often faced with a tradeoff between limiting security threats and the cost of security operations. Second, larger businesses are a more attractive target for cyberadversaries.

Faced with an unpredictable cost expenditure, CISOs historically had to make tough decisions that increase the enterprise’s risk exposure: Which logs do we collect and analyse? How long do we keep them? How do we balance current needs versus future company growth? How do I maintain flexibility when making a multi-year commitment to a SIEM platform?

There’s no doubt, big data volumes are unpredictable and growing at an exponential rate. But there is hope. CISOs and CFOs don’t have to live with the pain, frustration, and unpredictability of consumption-based pricing. In this guide to SIEM pricing models, we educate today’s SIEM buyers on how to mitigate the security and financial risks associated with business growth.