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Assess And Reset Cloud For Success

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Moving to cloud is essential in today’s scenario as it allows the agility required to compete and stay
ahead in the world of disruption. Cloud transformation helps businesses in accelerating the time to
market for new products and services while reducing the costs to design and deploy these products
and services. Looking at the current market scenario, it’s apparent that there’s never been a better
time to get your head in the cloud.

A vast majority of organizations understand the value of cloud and many are in the process of moving
workloads onto the cloud. Cloud adoption plans may deliver a few initial benefits but may fail to
deliver a long-term competitive advantage to the business if they lack a vision. To be effective, a
cloud deployment needs to be based on a well thought out strategy that’s tied to the overall business
strategy. The better an organization is in its vision, execution, and ability to overcome challenges
along the way, the higher it is in the maturity curve — giving it a competitive differentiation.

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