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Rethinking Your Imaging Strategy


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Most people involved in medical imaging are aware of
the recent upheavals in the industry. Sponsors know
that changes to their key Imaging relationships may
be imminent. Anticipating these changes and properly
handling them may well have an impact on your trial.

The current state of the clinical trial imaging industry can
best be described as murky and unsettling and could put
your timelines at risk. The wave of M&A activity across
key imaging players has created confusion and a lack of
transparency directly impacting sponsors and sites. The
new mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships are causing
disruptions across technology, process, and people.

This guide is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls in this
disrupted landscape. Across eight parameters, learn how
you can regain control of your Imaging strategy and leap
ahead in the transformation of imaging for your trials.