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Our story began with two technology companies and one shared vision: to provide greater access to technology for people around the world.


Our story began with two technology companies and one shared vision: to provide greater access to technology for people around the world. Dell Technologies is instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fueled by the desire to drive human progress through technology.

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Unleashing Power of Large Language Model like ChatGPT for Business

Empower Your Business with AI Unleash the transformative power of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to revolutionize your business operations. With NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology, these models offer unparalleled capabilities in text summarization, sentiment analysis, and more, driving efficiency and innovation. Harness the potential of AI to stay ahead in the competitive market. Elevate your IT strategy with Dell Technologies’ expertise and NVIDIA’s advanced solutions. Download now.

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by the Intel vPro® Platform as an Endpoint Standard

IT leaders are under growing pressure to provide endpoint devices that enable employee productivity and can be supported with small IT teams and budgets. Interviewed and surveyed IT decision-makers who maintained Intel vPro® as their endpoint standard improved employee experience, reduced IT and help desk labor, avoided onsite visits, enhanced hardware security, lowered energy usage, reduced greenhouse gases, and provided greater organizational flexibility. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.

IDC Infobrief: Workforce Upskilling for the AI Era Tools and training for a future-ready business

This InfoBrief draws upon primary survey research from IDC to explore key challenges and requirements for companies as they better prepare their workers to succeed in an era of AI-enabled businesses. • As businesses face ongoing challenges to find top talent and rely increasingly on AI and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to augment their workforce, they must consider key areas of upskilling and cross-skilling, and the technologies to fully equip employees securely, simply and at scale. This approach enables organizations achieve goals for productivity and growth. • To broadly attract and keep employees, organizations need to offer hardware, software and services that deliver a parity of experience for workers across remote, field and on-site locations. This requires laptops and other hardware devices to be purpose-built for secure support of AI-enabled work practices. • AI and GenAI solutions inform new approaches to drive productivity and support employee upskilling and cross-skilling. They are also driving deeper dependencies between hardware and software in a way that will be foundational for defining transformational work practices. The move toward working everywhere has created new opportunities to inspire ingenuity and unlock great ideas. Combine creativity and technology to transform those ideas into innovations that lead to meaningful work. With Dell Technologies, you’ll seize the power of Gen-AI-ready devices and empower everywhere work to accelerate new levels of productivity, secure workspaces, and advance sustainability. Together, let’s transform work and innovate everywhere. Learn more about Dell Technologies AI solutions accelerated by Intel®

Maximizing Power Efficiency with Dell Optimizer

Finding the optimal balance between performance and power efficiency is key in getting the best from your hardware. By allowing you to customise your PC’s thermal management settings, Dell Optimizer with the help of Intel® Energy Performance Optimizer, running on 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, can ensure you better runtime efficiency in performance per watt for your workload. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.

Dell Optimizer

With the recent democratization of Generative AI, the public can now access intelligent data that elevates the everyday work experience. It provides users with vast amounts of information, and also teaches and assists them on how to absorb it efficiently. The PC becomes a vessel of information — the window to your world of productivity. Intelligent devices help improve performance and usability and deliver better access to these new technologies, so employees can do their jobs smarter and faster. Dell Optimizer is our AI-based optimization software that learns and responds to the way you work, designed to automatically improve application and device performance, PC and accessory battery run-time, audio/video settings and privacy — all in the background while you’re working. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Sustainable Devices for Positive Impact

Individuals and entire organizations, consumers and governments, corporations and business leaders—everyone needs to find a way to come together and commit to environmental sustainability. But what does sustainability actually look like? What can a person or an organization do today to truly make a difference when it comes to climate action? For us, sustainability means developing technology solutions in ethically and environmentally responsible ways. It also means working with our partners and customers to help them achieve their own sustainability goals. Our technology and solutions are designed to reduce waste, energy use and emissions, helping our customers drive positive solutions to operate efficiently and effectively. In this eBook, we’ll explain how we’ve made climate action central to our own path forward by developing products with sustainability built in. And we’ll explain why this should matter to you as you push for sustainability in your organization. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

How Network Segmentation Helps Deliver Resilience Against NHS Cyber Threats

The evolving landscape of technology in the UK’s health and social care sector is already reshaping patient care, and emerging systems continue to bring more opportunities for organisations. Current trends and rapid technology adoption were largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic that forced many healthcare providers to shift towards tele-communication and remote monitoring methods for diagnosis, observation, and continuity of care. All four home nations across the UK have agreed to drive digitalisation of systems even further, establishing individual digital strategies and delivery plans on local and nationwide levels. The downside of such progress is the continual cyber threats that target the sector. With the rapid development of digital technology, cyber criminals continue to innovate their tactics, putting sensitive patient data at risk. Despite organisations adopting better cyber hygiene, it was recently recorded by the Department for Science, Innovation & Technology that 50% of businesses in the UK experienced cyberattacks in 2023. The UK’s Health and Social Care system - a large sector comprised of lots of people and devices, is particularly vulnerable to cyber threats, as shown by the WannaCry and Conti cyberattacks. It is therefore crucial that IT systems specialists take the necessary action to address security fundamentals.

Launching Large Language Models on PowerEdge servers

Revolutionize Your IT Infrastructure with Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Embrace the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Dell’s PowerEdge XE9680 server. Optimized for high-performance workloads, this server is equipped with NVIDIA® GPUs, ensuring unparalleled performance. Experience the power of large language models like ChatGPT, capable of transforming your data into actionable insights. Securely manage your AI initiatives in-house, with the assurance of Dell’s cutting-edge technology. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your organization’s capabilities with Dell Technologies’ servers and NVIDIA’s advanced solutions. Download now.

Innovate faster with GPU-accelerated AI

Accelerate Your AI Journey Unlock the transformative power of AI with Dell Technologies’ cutting-edge solutions, powered by NVIDIA GPUs. 'Dell Validated Designs for AI with NVIDIA' is designed to meet you at any stage of your AI journey, from inception to full-scale deployment. With support for up to 12 NVIDIA GPUs, PowerEdge servers are built to deliver accelerated AI insights and drive innovation across digital twins, edge inferencing, and generative AI. Embrace the future with Dell’s AI-optimized solutions and NVIDIA’s unparalleled performance. Start revolutionizing your business today and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of technology. Discover how.

Increase Your Pace of Innovation with AI

Take the direct path to AI with Dell Technologies and NVIDIA. ​ AI is delivering tangible and measurable business benefits for all types of organizations. As you explore your options for using AI to differentiate and compete in a competitive global marketplace, plan your next steps with Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI with NVIDIA. Find out more.

Generative AI is Here: Are you ready?

Leveraging Generative AI for Organizational Growth Embrace the transformative power of Generative AI to revolutionize your data strategy and drive innovation. With Dell’s insights, harness the unique value of your data to fuel specialized projects that enhance operational efficiency and competitive edge. Dell Technologies and NVIDIA work together to enable and accelerate Generative AI workloads, on cutting-edge AI infrastructure, ensuring your Generative AI initiatives are built on a robust, scalable foundation. Start your journey towards a data-driven future today, and unlock new levels of productivity and creativity within your organization. Download now.

Generative AI in the Enterprise – Model Customization

This design guide describes the architecture and design of the Dell Validated Design for Generative AI Model Customization with NVIDIA, a collaboration between Dell Technologies and NVIDIA to enable high performance, scalable, and modular full-stack generative AI model customization solutions for large language models in the enterprise. Discover how.

Generative AI in the Enterprise

Revolutionize Your Enterprise with Generative AI Embrace the future of artificial intelligence with Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI with NVIDIA —a cutting-edge collaboration delivering scalable, modular generative AI solutions. Powered by NVIDIA’s advanced GPUs and software, Dell Validated Designs is aimed at propelling enterprises into the next era of AI innovation. Leverage large language models to automate customer service, enhance content creation, and drive data-driven decision-making. Don’t let your business fall behind—unlock the full potential of generative AI with the unparalleled performance and expertise of Dell and NVIDIA. Learn more.

Finding the path to AI success with the Dell AI portfolio

Discover why Dell Technologies offers a more comprehensive AI portfolio, including planning, data preparation, hardware selection, AI model design, and end-to-end support. vs. similar offerings from Supermicro. Dell & NVIDIA AI datacenter solutions help organisations achieve successful AI implementation and better outcomes while supporting larger or more demanding workloads that require top performance. Download now.

World-Record Performance for AI and ML

Prowess research draws links from the benchmark strength of Dell™servers to real-world performance for training and inferencing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models.

Transforming Manufacturing with HPC for AI: Trends and the Path Forward

The convergence of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ignited significant breakthroughs across various sectors, with a sizeable impact in the manufacturing industry. AI, particularly advanced machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), has found a natural home in HPC systems, offering immense computational power to tackle complex AI workloads. This convergence of HPC and AI has not only accelerated progress in various fields but has also spurred substantial growth in the HPC-enabled AI market.

Seven Wonders of the HPC World

Many of today’s advancements are being driven by HPC technology from Dell Technologies and AMD. The resulting research-based discoveries are profound and significantly accelerated by HPC to help reshape a better tomorrow. Today’s groundbreaking discoveries are key to our future. Better health, environmental sustainability, and the advancement of humankind all ride on the ability to continually innovate in engineering and science. These are areas that each of us–not just engineers and scientists–can get excited about improving.

PowerEdge Server Upgrade Considerations for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face a unique set of challenges when it comes to server upgrades. Balancing timing, budgets, and limited IT resources is crucial. Key considerations include not only the cost of servers but also software licenses, housing, and IT support. SMBs must carefully assess their current and future needs to select a hardware solution that aligns with their workloads. Investing wisely in server solutions can better support employees and ensure long-term success.

Drive Powerful AI Insights with an Open Ecosystem

With GenAI and other advanced applications on the rise, chip technology is becoming more powerful and sophisticated. But proprietary systems, at the foundational level, have created barriers for developers on the front line. This is about to change. Dell Technologies and AMD are working together to accelerate your capabilities with infrastructure solutions built on open-source technologies. Running the AMD Instinct™ MI300X accelerator and the AMD Radeon Open Compute (ROCm™) open software platform on the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Server provides you with a powerful ecosystem option — an open path forward — to spark opportunity and unleash your potential.

Work and innovate everywhere

Future of Work. We believe innovation begins with people. That’s why we take a human-centric approach to designing intelligent solutions to empower users and IT to work and innovate everywhere. The future of work has evolved, and workers have new expectations for technologies that power their workday. Employees are returning to the office and moving between locations to get work done — seamless experience is a priority, and intelligence, simplification, and sustainability are at the forefront of innovating technologies to elevate that work experience. Dell Technologies offers an unmatched, comprehensive portfolio of intelligent solutions that: - Delight end-user - Simplify IT - Advance sustainability Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.

Improve PC app performance, battery charging, and end-user experiences with Dell Optimizer

Artificial intelligence (AI) has an image problem—only 9 percent of Americans believe AI will cause more good than harm. This is inconsistent with the reality of AI and machine learning, which is already improving our lives with real-time traffic and weather maps, voice recognition, and recommendation algorithms. Dell Optimizer is AI-based optimization software that, like the AI mentioned above, has the potential to make life better. With the user’s permission, a collection of Dell™ Optimizer features learn device behavior patterns and dynamically configure the appropriate system settings to improve the end-user experience. Our technicians ran industry-standard benchmarks that revealed Dell Optimizer application and network optimization features improved system responsiveness on a Dell Latitude™ 9430 laptop and a Dell OptiPlex™ 7400 all-in-one (AIO) desktop. For the Latitude 9430 laptop, we also determined that the ExpressCharge™ feature reduced battery recharging times, the Intelligent Audio feature reduced background noise during a Zoom call, and the presence detection settings worked like a charm. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®.

Equipping the Future Workspace

The relationship between the physical office and employees has reached a huge inflection point. The rise of hybrid and remote work has turned the relationship between workers and offices on its head. Employees now expect more than a desk and a cubicle, or even a flexible work-at-home policy. The hybrid work revolution has sparked a change in the way organizations plan, design, and equip their spaces, giving employees the tools they need to achieve their best work. And it’s not just about comfort and flexibility. Tomorrow’s office layouts will encourage both group and individual creativity, enabled by hardware and technology. More people are accepting hybrid work arrangements, where they split their time between the office and home, but they still yearn for a sense of connection, belonging, and meaning in their careers.1 Creating office neighborhoods and improving video conferencing are just two examples of emerging ways to improve the quality of both digital and physical interactions, making workers feel more creative, comfortable, and collaborative. The growth of hybrid and remote work is enabled and improved by technology. So the time is now for companies to start evaluating what they need to carry them forward. From enhanced collaborative monitors to the latest in ergonomic tech, the right equipment is critical to making tomorrow’s workforce feel included, important, and productive. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel vPro® platform, Built for Business.

How the way we work will change the Office of the Future

The shift towards hybrid work is about more than practicalities like convenience and cost efficiency. Employees, managers, and executives alike are now re-imagining not just how and when they work, but the intrinsic meaning of work itself. And with that comes a deeper examination of how the physical surroundings of an office space can and should evolve. This fundamental assessment of what an office should be is happening in parallel with myriad innovations in technology, equipment, and design. Things like augmented reality (AR) and neighborhood design are propelling organizations towards manifesting the office of the future in the not-too-distant future. Individual employees, leaders, managers, and contributors have never felt so empowered in how they engage with their work on a mental and physical level. With the rise of hybrid work, offices are not in direct competition with people’s homes. Organizations that can embrace this new worldview open up new possibilities for how they create their office spaces. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Modern IT experiences with predictable costs – PCAAS whitepaper

With Dell PCaaS, organizations have the benefit of relying on a trusted provider to simplify the daily burden of PC lifecycle management and modernize the employee experience at the same time - Structure subscriptions as predictable per user per month pricing with no upfront costs. - Enhance efficiencies with proactive insights across deployment, security, management and support. - Offer flexible and sustainable technology rotation that aligns with a circular economy. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Dell PC As A Service

With an increase in the variety of devices available to organizations and the workstyles of the employees who use them, management of the device lifecycle is more complicated and expensive than it has ever been, especially in light of the recent global trend of remote or flexible work. IT organizations must support a wide range of device and technology options to an increasingly dispersed and mobile workforce while maintaining low user disruption, all amid cost uncertainty. The rise of subscription services for traditional IT categories, such as devices, known to Forrester as device as a service (DaaS), shifts employee device purchasing from a one-time fixed cost to a continuous expenditure, an initiative that can improve digital employee experience while offering budget, hiring, and project flexibility to the IT organization. Dell Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Dell PCaaS.2 The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Dell PCaaS on their organizations. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Sustainable Devices for Positive Impact

With global warming increasing temperatures at an accelerated rate, that message, from the United Nations, couldn’t be any clearer. Individuals and entire organizations, consumers and governments, corporations and business leaders—everyone needs to find a way to come together and commit to environmental sustainability. But what does sustainability actually look like? What can a person or an organization do today to truly make a difference when it comes to climate action? We’ve asked these questions ourselves at Dell Technologies, and decided the answer lies in driving innovation while holding ourselves truly accountable for our own impact. For us, sustainability means developing technology solutions in ethically and environmentally responsible ways. It also means working with our partners and customers to help them achieve their own sustainability goals Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Forrester: The Case For An Accelerated Device Refresh Cycle

After the turmoil and change of the last three years, companies are collectively moving into a new future of work that includes flexible workspaces. While this opens new opportunities for their employees to collaborate in new ways, it also exposes new security vulnerabilities and leaves a vacuum to be filled by a new employee experience, often via new hardware. As companies refresh their employee hardware/devices, they must contend with new expectations from employees and investors while feeling confident that they are selecting the highest-quality hardware. That hardware should not only provide the right capabilities and experiences for their workforces, but should also ease management burdens, reduce security vulnerabilities, and integrate with cutting-edge software. These benefits should lead to a more cost-effective device lifecycle overall. What’s more, companies can enjoy a more streamlined refresh process by outsourcing parts of their device lifecycles. Ninety-two percent of surveyed decision-makers in IT, operations, and finance said outsourcing their organization’s refresh cycle is valuable or critical. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

ESG Cyber Resiliency and End-User performance

Cyber resiliency is an essential requirement for any business. Given organizations face larger attack surfaces with users working from anywhere, businesses must invest in mature strategies to reduce risk and unencumber workers. New research from ESG finds that cyber-resiliency investments are even more valuable than previously thought: In addition to minimizing risk, they are critical to innovate and thrive in a do-from-anywhere world. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Creating the Sustainable IT Department

IT leaders have a key role to play in the push for environmental sustainability. What’s good for people and for the planet is also good for your organization’s bottom line. As environmental sustainability and climate action continue to set organizations apart, few business maxims seem more applicable.  Everything in the world is connected. Companies that ignore this do so at their own peril. It’s more important than ever for organizations to prioritize initiatives that help them achieve their sustainability goals. It’s what customers, partners, and investors expect—and you need to have a clear strategy for success.   In the pages that follow you’ll learn why IT departments in particular are perfectly positioned to lead the way. You’ll learn how your technologies and infrastructure can have an outsized impact on your company’s carbon footprint, and you’ll see that careful IT planning and procurement is where your organization’s path to sustainability should begin. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Créer un département IT durable

Les responsables IT ont un rôle fondamental à jouer en faveur d’un environnement durable.  Ce qui est bon pour les humains et la planète l’est aussi pour les résultats de votre organisation.   À l’heure où les actions visant à préserver l’environnement et le climat continuent de faire des organisations des acteurs à part, peu de maximes professionnelles semblent plus indiquées que celle-ci.   Dans le monde, tout se tient. Les entreprises qui négligent cette évidence le font à leurs risques et périls. Les organisations doivent plus que jamais privilégier les projets qui les aideront à atteindre leurs objectifs de développement durable. C’est ce que leurs clients, leurs partenaires et leurs investisseurs attendent d’elles. Vous devez donc impérativement disposer d’une stratégie claire pour réussir.   Dans les pages suivantes, vous découvrirez pourquoi les départements IT sont particulièrement bien placés pour montrer la voie. Vous verrez comment vos technologies et votre infrastructure peuvent avoir un impact démultiplié sur l’empreinte carbone de votre entreprise et vous constaterez qu’une planification et une stratégie d’achat IT rigoureuses sont un point de départ idéal sur la voie du développement durable. En savoir plus sur les solutions Dell Technologies optimisées par Intel®

Employees are choosing how they work

To remain connected, productive and secure in a world where many forms of work can now be done remotely, employees need confidence that the digital environment won’t hinder their ability to deliver their best work. Global research from Statista shows that 80% of employees working at least partially remotely would recommend it to a friend. But, as the study notes, attitudes on telework are positive if employees are given the appropriate tools and technology to work remotely. These include digital collaboration and productivity management tools, as well as necessary hardware. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Transforming the Employee Experience for a Hybrid Work World

Employee expectations have evolved in the last few years, with new research from IDC showing how organizations are adapting to keep pace: 45% said that remote and hybrid work models are now an embedded part of accepted work practices. 42% of organizations say that intelligent digital workplaces are no longer optional, but a business necessity. By meeting employee expectations for remote work, organizations can deliver the employee experience required to attract and retain talent while improving productivity. The research uncovered that a key factor for delivering a winning employee experience is to leverage outside resources for IT services. The more you can outsource and consolidate your IT services with a single partner, the more you can leverage efficiencies that result in a better employee experience. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Intelligent Insight: How Intelligent Insights Drive Business Innovation

Organizations are going digital as they seek to dramatically increase their innovation to unlock new business capabilities, meet changing customer demands, create unique advantages, or simply stay ahead of disruption. To drive innovation, organizations not only require data, but also the ability to act on it. The good news is that data is everywhere. But because it’s now generated with greater volume and velocity than organizations can keep up, too much data from too many diverse data sources can be just as much of a barrier to action as not having enough. This means that the right approach to innovation starts with the right approach to storage: an approach that combines software, hardware, data services, and the cloud to address the new realities of data while providing IT with more agility. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Optimizing Performance with Frequent Server Replacements at Midsize Companies

Servers are the backbone of modern IT infrastructure. They support the computational requirements of the entire application portfolio of a midsize organization. However, their life span is finite. A new generation of servers performs much better than its predecessors. Still, is this outperformance worth it? As businesses digitize themselves, seek long-term resiliency for their current business models, and explore new revenue-generation opportunities, server infrastructure shifts from a cost to an asset. In other words, it generates tangible return on its use. The worth of server infrastructure to a business is much different than it used to be. Over time, the value of current server infrastructure depreciates. As this occurs, organizations must evaluate the cost benefits of procuring new servers compared with the cumulative costs (maintenance, upkeep, outages, etc.) of running older servers. Chief information officers (CIOs) and IT leaders must select the optimal time to replace all or part of their existing server infrastructure. There is a mindset that pushing out server-refresh initiatives is prudent when business priorities change or cash needs to be preserved. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Intelligente Erkenntnisse: Wie intelligente Erkenntnisse geschäftliche Innovationen vorantreiben

Unternehmen setzen zunehmend auf Digitalisierung bei dem Versuch, ihre Innovationen erheblich zu steigern, um neue Unternehmensfähigkeiten zu erschließen, sich ändernde Kundenanforderungen zu erfüllen, einzigartige Vorteile zu schaffen oder einfach nur Unterbrechungen einen Schritt voraus zu sein. Um Innovationen voranzutreiben, benötigen Unternehmen nicht nur Daten, sondern auch die Fähigkeit, diese zu verarbeiten. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass Daten überall sind. Da ihr Volumen und die Geschwindigkeit ihrer Erzeugung jedoch so hoch sind, dass die Unternehmen nicht mehr mithalten können, stellen zu viele Daten von zu vielen unterschiedlichen Datenquellen ein ebenso großes potenzielles Hindernis für sinnvolle Maßnahmen dar wie zu wenige Daten. Das bedeutet, dass der richtige Ansatz für Innovationen mit dem richtigen Storage-Ansatz beginnt: einem Ansatz, der Software, Hardware, Datendienste und die Cloud kombiniert, um die neuen Gegebenheiten in Bezug auf Daten zu erfüllen und gleichzeitig der IT mehr Flexibilität zu bieten. Weitere Informationen zu Lösungen von Dell Technologies powered by Intel®

Optimisation des performances avec des remplacements de serveur fréquents – PME

Les serveurs constituent l’épine dorsale de l’infrastructure informatique moderne. Ils prennent en charge les besoins informatiques de l’ensemble de la gamme d’applications d’une PME. Cependant, leur durée de vie est limitée. Une nouvelle génération de serveurs fonctionne toujours mieux que ses prédécesseurs. Mais ces performances en valent-elles la peine? Au fur et à mesure que les entreprises se numérisent, recherchent une résilience à long terme pour leurs modèles économiques actuels et explorent de nouvelles opportunités de chiffre d’affaires, l’infrastructure de serveurs ne constitue plus une dépense mais un actif. En d’autres termes, elle génère un retour tangible sur son utilisation. La valeur de l’infrastructure de serveurs pour une entreprise est bien différente de ce qu’elle était auparavant. Au fil du temps, la valeur de l’infrastructure de serveurs actuelle se déprécie. Les entreprises doivent alors évaluer les avantages, en termes de coûts, liés à l’acquisition de nouveaux serveurs par rapport aux coûts cumulatifs (maintenance, entretien, pannes, etc.) liés à l’exécution de serveurs plus anciens. Les directeurs informatiques (DSI) et les responsables informatiques doivent déterminer le moment idéal pour remplacer tout ou partie de leur infrastructure de serveurs existante. En général, on admet que les initiatives de renouvellement des serveurs sont légitimes lorsque les priorités de l’entreprise changent ou que les liquidités doivent être conservées. En savoir plus sur les solutions Dell Technologies optimisées par Intel®

Optimierung der Performance durch häufigen Serveraustausch bei mittelständischen Unternehmen

Server sind das Rückgrat einer modernen IT-Infrastruktur. Sie unterstützen die Datenverar-beitungsanforderungen des gesamten Anwendungsportfolios eines mittelständischen Unternehmens. Ihre Lebensdauer ist allerdings begrenzt. Eine neue Generation von Servern liefert eine viel bessere Performance als ihre Vorgänger. Aber ist diese Performance überhaupt lohnenswert? Während sich Unternehmen der Digitalisierung zuwenden, langfristige Ausfallsicherheit für ihre aktuellen Geschäftsmodelle suchen und neue Möglichkeiten der Umsatzgenerierung erforschen, verwandelt sich die Serverinfrastruktur von einem Kostenpunkt in eine Ressource. Mit anderen Worten: Sie erzeugt eine spürbare Rendite für die Nutzung. Der Wert einer Serverinfrastruktur für ein Unternehmen ist heute ganz anders als früher. Im Laufe der Zeit nimmt der Wert der aktuellen Serverinfrastruktur ab. Während dieser Zeit müssen Unternehmen die Kostenvorteile der Beschaffung neuer Server gegen die kumulativen Kosten (Wartung, Instandhaltung, Ausfälle usw.) für die Ausführung älterer Server abwägen. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) und IT-Führungskräfte müssen den optimalen Zeitpunkt für den Austausch der gesamten oder eines Teils der vorhandenen Serverinfrastruktur auswählen. Viele halten es für klug, Initiativen zur Servererneuerung aufzuschieben, wenn sich die geschäftlichen Prioritäten ändern oder der Cashflow eines Unternehmens aufrechterhalten werden muss. Weitere Informationen zu Lösungen von Dell Technologies powered by Intel®

Créer une entreprise cyber-résiliente prête à innover et à prospérer

Cet eBook explique si et dans quelle mesure l’adoption par une organisation d’une stratégie de cyber-résilience solide constitue un facteur de prévisibilité IT, d’innovation métier et de réussite. Les corrélations établies s’appuient sur des données provenant d’organisations homologues. Grâce à cet eBook : • Découvrez comment nous définissons et mesurons la cyber-résilience et déterminez les performances de votre organisation en la matière. • Quantifiez les avantages obtenus par les organisations hautement résilientes par rapport à leurs homologues, à la fois en matière de performances IT et métiers. • Enfin, en découvrant les pratiques des organisations cyber-résilientes, vous saurez comment votre organisation doit faire évoluer ses pratiques et ses priorités pour devenir un leader du marché. En savoir plus sur les solutions Dell Technologies optimisées par Intel®

So bauen Sie ein cyberresistentes Unternehmen auf, das bereit ist, innovativ und erfolgreich zu sein

In diesem E-Book wird erläutert, ob und in welchem Maße die Einführung einer robusten Strategie für die Ausfallsicherheit bei Cyberangriffen in einem Unternehmen mit IT-Vorhersehbarkeit, geschäftlichen Innovationen und Erfolg zusammenhängt. Diese Beziehungen werden basierend auf wettbewerbsbasierten Daten ermittelt. In diesem E-Book erfahren Sie Folgendes: • Sie werden verstehen, wie wir die Ausfallsicherheit bei Cyberangriffen definieren und messen und wo Ihr Unternehmen heute steht. • Sie können quantifizieren, welche Vorteile hochgradig ausfallsichere Unternehmen im Vergleich zu ihren Mitbewerbern erzielen, und zwar sowohl in Bezug auf die IT- als auch die geschäftliche Performance. • Schließlich erfahren Sie durch die Erkenntnis, was cybersichere Unternehmen tun, wie Ihr Unternehmen seine Praktiken und Prioritäten weiterentwickeln muss, um wie ein Marktführer zu agieren. Weitere Informationen zu Lösungen von Dell Technologies powered by Intel®

How to Build a Cyber-resilient Business Ready to Innovate and Thrive

This eBook discusses if, and to what degree, an organization’s adoption of a strong cyber-resiliency strategy is correlated with IT predictability, business innovation, and success. These relationships will be uncovered based on peer-based data. When you read this eBook, you will: • Understand how we define and measure cyber resiliency and where your organization stands today. • Quantify what highly resilient organizations gain over their peers, both in terms of IT and business performance. • Finally, by understanding what cyber-resilient organizations do, you will see how your organization needs to evolve its practices and priorities to perform like a market leader. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Informations intelligentes: Comment les informations intelligentes stimulent l’innovation métier

Les organisations passent au numérique pour booster leur innovation afin de débloquer de nouvelles fonctionnalités métiers, de répondre à l’évolution des demandes des clients, de créer des avantages uniques ou simplement d’anticiper les interruptions. Pour stimuler l’innovation, elles ont non seulement besoin de données, mais aussi de moyens de les exploiter. La bonne nouvelle est que les données sont partout. Mais comme les organisations ne parviennent plus à suivre le rythme auquel les données sont générées, le fait d’avoir trop de données provenant de trop nombreuses sources peut être aussi pénalisant que d’en manquer. Cela signifie que la bonne approche de l’innovation commence par une bonne approche du stockage : une approche qui combine logiciels, matériel, services de données et Cloud pour faire face aux nouvelles réalités des données tout en offrant une plus grande agilité à l’IT. En savoir plus sur les solutions Dell Technologies optimisées par Intel®

Le stockage Dell Technologies toujors á la pointe de la modernité

Le rôle de l'informatique dans l'entreprise a changé. Les organisations informatiques étaient autrefois considérées comme des centres de coûts, mais elles sont désormais perçues comme de véritables créateurs de revenus. À son tour, ce changement a fondamentalement modifié les priorités de l'informatique en matière de conception et d'architecture de l'infrastructure. Cependant, alors que ces organisations tentent d'ajuster leurs priorités, elles sous-estiment parfois la rapidité avec laquelle leurs environnements pourraient se désagréger sur plusieurs sites, y compris divers centres de données et fournisseurs de cloud public. L'adoption des services de cloud public a augmenté rapidement. Mais souvent, tout ce que l'entreprise exige de l'informatique ne peut pas être accompli simplement en utilisant des services de cloud public. L'ampleur des demandes numériques d'aujourd'hui - l'augmentation des besoins liés à l'entreprise dépasse ce que l'informatique peut accomplir dans n'importe quel endroit. Les opérations distribuées entre les services de cloud public et les centres de données privés continueront d'être le mode de fonctionnement essentiel dans un avenir prévisible. Par exemple, les préoccupations en matière de sécurité des données et de gouvernance d'entreprise dicteront à elles seules que certaines données/charges de travail doivent rester sur site quoi qu'il arrive. C'est pourquoi les entreprises doivent améliorer leur agilité et leur efficacité opérationnelle sur l'ensemble de leur infrastructure informatique, y compris au sein du centre de données. Il existe un besoin pour plus d'automatisation, ainsi que pour des architectures logicielles plus adaptables sur site et une intégration transparente avec le cloud. Il n'y a tout simplement pas assez de personnel et d'argent pour accélérer les opérations avec les seuls systèmes traditionnels. De plus, toutes ces allocations traditionnelles de personnel et de budget s'accompagnent de coûts d'opportunité importants, détournant des ressources de ce qui devrait plutôt être alloué à la poursuite d'initiatives numériques pour augmenter les revenus et améliorer l'efficacité opérationnelle. Ainsi, l'infrastructure de stockage de données doit être modernisée pour répondre aux demandes d'efficacité accrue dans le centre de données et dans les environnements de cloud distribués. Heureusement, Dell Technologies et son approche de stockage continuellement moderne offrent un point de départ exemplaire pour aider les décideurs informatiques à repenser leur stratégie d'architecture et de conception informatiques.

Storage sempre moderno con Dell Technologies

Il ruolo dell'IT nel business è cambiato. In passato le organizzazioni IT erano perlopiù considerate dei centri di costo, mentre ora sono percepite come entità in grado di generare entrate. Questo cambiamento ha modificato radicalmente le priorità dell'IT per quanto riguarda l'architettura e la progettazione delle infrastrutture. Nel definire le priorità, tuttavia, a volte le organizzazioni sottostimano la velocità con cui i loro ambienti potrebbero disaggregarsi su più siti, inclusi vari data center e provider di public cloud. L'adozione dei servizi di public cloud ha conosciuto un rapido aumento. Spesso però le richieste dell'azienda all'IT non possono essere soddisfatte utilizzando semplicemente servizi di public cloud. L'aumento delle esigenze legate al business ha esteso la portata delle richieste digitali di oggi, tanto che l'IT non riesce più a soddisfarle a partire da una singola posizione. Le operazioni distribuite su servizi di public cloud e data center privati continueranno a essere una modalità operativa fondamentale nel prossimo futuro. Ad esempio, le problematiche dovute alla sicurezza dei dati e alla governance aziendale determineranno da sole la necessità di mantenere alcuni dati/carichi di lavoro on-premise, qualunque cosa accada. Per questo motivo le aziende devono migliorare la loro agilità ed efficienza operativa sull'intera infrastruttura IT, anche all'interno del data center. Serve quindi una maggiore automazione, oltre ad architetture software onpremise più adattabili e un'integrazione perfetta con il cloud. Il personale e il budget a disposizione non sono sufficienti per accelerare le operazioni con i soli sistemi tradizionali. Inoltre, tutte le tradizionali allocazioni di personale e budget presentano significativi costi legati alle opportunità, sottraendo risorse da ciò che dovrebbe essere invece allocato per perseguire iniziative digitali volte a incrementare le entrate e migliorare l'efficienza operativa. È dunque fondamentale modernizzare l'infrastruttura di storage dei dati per supportare la domanda di una maggiore efficienza nel data center e negli ambienti cloud distribuiti. Fortunatamente, Dell Technologies e il suo approccio a uno storage sempre moderno rappresentano il punto di partenza ideale per aiutare i responsabili delle decisioni IT a ripensare la propria strategia per l'architettura e la progettazione dell'IT.

Dell Technologies – durchgehend moderner Storage

Die Rolle der IT im Unternehmen hat sich verändert. IT-Abteilungen wurden herkömmlich als Kostenstellen angesehen, gelten jetzt jedoch als echte Umsatzquellen. Dieser Wandel hat wiederum die Prioritäten der IT im Hinblick auf Infrastrukturdesign und -architektur grundlegend verändert. Wenn die Abteilungen jedoch versuchen, ihre Prioritäten anzupassen, überschätzen sie manchmal, wie schnell ihre Umgebungen über mehrere Standorte hinweg möglicherweise disaggregiert werden, einschließlich verschiedener Rechenzentren und Public-Cloud-Anbieter. Die Einführung von Public-Cloud-Services hat schnell zugenommen. Aber oft kann all das, was das Unternehmen von der IT fordert, nicht einfach durch die Nutzung von Public-Cloud-Services erreicht werden. Das Ausmaß der heutigen digitalen Anforderungen – die Zunahme der geschäftsbezogenen Anforderungen – übertrifft das, was die IT an einzelnen Standorten erreichen kann. Verteilte Vorgänge über Public-CloudServices und private Rechenzentren hinweg werden in absehbarer Zukunft weiterhin der wesentliche Betriebsmodus sein. Bedenken rund um Datensicherheit und die Grundsätze der Unternehmensführung allein geben beispielsweise vor, dass einige Daten/Workloads in jedem Fall in einer On-Premise-Bereitstellung bleiben müssen. Aus diesem Grund müssen Unternehmen ihre Agilität und Betriebseffizienz in ihrer gesamten IT-Infrastruktur verbessern, auch innerhalb des Rechenzentrums. Es besteht Bedarf an mehr Automatisierung, stärker anpassbaren On-Premise-Softwarearchitekturen und einer nahtlosen Integration in die Cloud. Es gibt einfach nicht genügend MitarbeiterInnen und Budgetmittel, um den Betrieb nur mit herkömmlichen Systemen zu beschleunigen. Darüber hinaus sind all diese herkömmlichen Zuweisungen von Personal und Budget mit erheblichen Alternativkosten verbunden. Beispielsweise werden Ressourcen belegt, die stattdessen für die Verfolgung digitaler Initiativen zur Steigerung des Umsatzes und zur Verbesserung der Betriebseffizienz zugewiesen werden sollten. Daher muss die Daten-Storage-Infrastruktur modernisiert werden, um die Anforderungen an eine höhere Effizienz im Rechenzentrum und in verteilten Cloud-Umgebungen zu unterstützen. Glücklicherweise bietet Dell Technologies mit seinem kontinuierlich modernen Storage einen vorbildlichen Ausgangspunkt, um ITEntscheidungsträgerInnen dabei zu unterstützen, ihre Strategie für IT-Architektur und -Design zu überdenken.

Dell Technologies Continuously Modern Storage

IT's role in business has changed. IT organizations were traditionally once viewed as cost centres, but they are now perceived as true revenue creators. In tum, that change has fundamentally shifted IT's priorities in regards to infrastructure design and architecture. As these organizations try to adjust their priorities, however, they sometimes underestimate how quickly their environments could become disaggregated across multiple sites, including various data centres and public cloud providers. Adoption of public cloud services has risen fast. But often, all that business requires from IT can't be accomplished simply by using public cloud services. The scale of today's digital demands-the increase in business-related needs surpasses what IT can accomplish in any one location. Distributed operations across public cloud services and private data centres will continue to be the essential mode of operations for the foreseeable future. For example, data security and corporate governance concerns alone will dictate that some data/workloads must remain on-premises no matter what. This is why businesses must improve their agility and operational efficiency across their entire IT infrastructure, including within the data centre. A need exists for more automation, as well as for more adaptable software architectures on-premises and seamless integration with the cloud. There are simply not enough people and budget money to accelerate operations with traditional systems alone. In addition, all of those traditional allocations of personnel and budget come with significant opportunity costs, stealing resources away from what should instead be allocated to pursuing digital initiatives to boost revenue and improve operational efficiency. So, data storage infrastructure must be modernized to support demands for increased efficiency in the data centre and across distributed cloud environments alike. Fortunately, Dell Technologies and its Continuously Modern Storage approach provides an exemplary starting point to help IT decision makers rethink their strategy for IT architecture and design. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Moderniser votre infrastructure de serveurs pour obtenir rapidité et sécurité

Chaque entreprise est désormais une entreprise numérique, quel que soit son secteur d’activité. Pour tenir leurs promesses commerciales, les leaders des opérations d’infrastructure doivent se concentrer sur les plates-formes et les pratiques qui accroissent le potentiel des collaborateurs et satisfont les clients. La rapidité des services d’infrastructure et l’efficacité ne sont que deux des fonctionnalités stratégiques sous-jacentes à la réussite. À mesure que les entreprises évoluent, elles doivent s’appuyer de plus en plus sur l’automatisation de l’infrastructure pour fournir les capacités dont elles ont besoin. En 2020, 56 % des principaux décideurs de technologies d’infrastructure interrogés par Forrester ont indiqué qu’ils implémentaient ou avaient mis en œuvre des logiciels d’automatisation de l’infrastructure. 19 % de plus ont déclaré qu’ils prévoyaient de le faire au cours de l’année à venir. Pour réussir, les leaders des opérations d’infrastructure doivent mettre en œuvre de manière stratégique ces technologies automatisées pour alimenter l’agilité, la rapidité d’exécution, la sécurité et la fiabilité et satisfaire les clients.

Roadmap dell’ambiente di lavoro digitale: guida dei leader per la strategia e il successo

Il mondo digitale si sta trasformando in tempi rapidi e il futuro appartiene ai leader che mettono i team e le attività nelle condizioni di funzionare al meglio in qualsiasi luogo. Gli ambienti di lavoro remoti e ibridi sono diventati la norma: oggi più di un dipendente su due lavora in remoto. L'evoluzione dell'ambiente di lavoro digitale deve essere una delle priorità assolute di tutte le organizzazioni. La ricerca mostra che il numero di utenti remoti è quasi triplicato negli ultimi 12 mesi. Dalla ricerca emerge inoltre che le organizzazioni che si sono mostrate pronte a sfruttare questa scalabilità sono in grado di ottenere ottimi risultati non solo in termini di resilienza, ma anche in termini di miglioramento della soddisfazione e dell'impegno dei dipendenti. I CIO più visionari vogliono preparare la loro organizzazione al lavoro del futuro, ripensando i team in modo che possano operare da qualsiasi luogo, completamente in remoto, in ufficio o in una combinazione ibrida delle due soluzioni.

Calendrier de lancement de l’espace de travail numérique: Un guide pour les leaders en matière de stratégie et de réussite

Le monde numérique se transforme rapidement et l’avenir appartient aux leaders qui fournissent à leurs équipes et opérations les moyens de prospérer sur tous les sites. Les environnements de télétravail et hybrides sont devenus la norme au quotidien, avec plus d’un collaborateur sur deux travaillant à distance. L’évolution de l’espace de travail numérique doit constituer une priorité absolue pour toutes les organisations. Des recherches montrent en effet que le nombre d’utilisateurs distants a presque triplé au cours des 12 derniers mois. Elles révèlent en outre que les organisations qui ont réagi rapidement et ont adopté cette norme à grande échelle constatent une réussite non seulement dans la résilience, mais également dans l’amélioration de la satisfaction et de l’engagement des collaborateurs. Les DSI visionnaires prennent des mesures dès aujourd’hui pour préparer leur organisation au travail de demain en redéfinissant la manière dont elle permet à ses équipes d’opérer en toute fluidité, que cette expérience ait lieu à distance, au bureau ou de manière hybride.

Die Roadmap zum digitalen Arbeitsplatz: ein Strategie- und Erfolgsleitfaden für Führungskräfte

Die digitale Welt wandelt sich rasant und die Zukunft gehört Führungskräften, die ihre Teams und Betriebsabläufe so ausstatten, dass sie an jedem Standort erfolgreich sind. Mobile und Hybridarbeitsumgebungen sind mittlerweile in der täglichen Praxis Standard. Mehr als 1 von 2 Mitarbeitern arbeitet inzwischen mobil. Die Entwicklung des digitalen Arbeitsplatzes sollte für alle Unternehmen oberstes Gebot sein. Untersuchungen haben ergeben, dass sich die Anzahl der Remotenutzer in den letzten 12 Monaten nahezu verdreifacht hat. Die Untersuchungen zeigen außerdem, dass Unternehmen, die schnell reagiert und diese neue Normalität umfassend akzeptiert haben, Erfolg haben – nicht nur in Bezug auf Ausfallsicherheit, sondern auch hinsichtlich mehr Zufriedenheit und Engagement bei den Mitarbeitern. Visionäre CIOs ergreifen heute Maßnahmen, um ihr Unternehmen auf die Zukunft der Arbeit vorzubereiten. Dafür überlegen sie sich neue Möglichkeiten, wie ihre Teams von überall aus nahtlos Leistung bringen können, ganz gleich, ob vollständig mobil, im Büro oder in einer Kombination.

The Digital Workplace Roadmap: A Leader’s Guide to Strategy and Success

The digital world is transforming rapidly, and the future belongs to leaders who equip their teams and operations to thrive in any location. Remote and hybrid working environments have become standard as an everyday reality, with more than one in two employees now working remotely. Evolving the digital workplace needs to be a top priority for every organization; research shows the number of remote users has nearly tripled over the last 12 months. The research further reveals organizations that have responded quickly and embraced this normal wide-scale are seeing success not only in resiliency but also in improved employee satisfaction and engagement. Visionary CIOs are taking action today to prepare their organization for the future of work by rethinking how they enable their teams to seamlessly perform from anywhere whether that experience takes place completely remotely, at the office or as a hybrid combination.

Meet the future of work with confidence

If asked to select a word to describe the experience of the past two years, a large proportion of business leaders would undoubtedly go for ‘disrupted’. But, as initially temporary remote working practices become business-as-usual for an increasing number of organizations worldwide, many are now thinking of a different word altogether… ‘opportunity.’ Indeed, a study of CIO attitudes conducted by Vanson Bourne in 2021 found 87% of technology leaders now agree that all organizations should be adopting a digital first ethos. When the top business benefits of adopting a hybrid working model are considered, we can see why so many hold this view: over half (52%) report an increase in productivity, and 56% point to an increase in employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

APEX Cloud Services Colocation facilities ebook

To establish a competitive advantage, organizations further their digital transformation by embracing cloud capabilities and redesigning their IT environments to meet diverse needs. As a result, many organizations end up operating workloads across multiple public clouds, their on-premises environments, as well as offpremises private clouds in colocation facilities. Why is operating multiple IT environments becoming more common? Simply put, one cloud does not, in fact, fit all. It’s not uncommon for an organization to determine that certain workloads could benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and on-demand nature that public cloud offers—but also decide that other workloads need the control, security, and high performance that remains the cornerstone of private cloud. To find this blend of both environments, many are turning to colocation facilities. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

IDC: Business Value of APEX

IDC’s research demonstrates that enterprise organizations are prioritizing digital infrastructure resiliency as a foundational element of their IT strategy. Customers are looking for richer levels of visibility, cross-platform control, advanced data management, and protection that spans the entire edge-to-core continuum. The pandemic has shown that organizations that prioritize adaptability and resiliency are much better equipped to adapt and meet changing market demands. Because of this realization, organizations are now focused on managing outcomes instead of IT infrastructure and looking to vendors and partners to help reach this goal. Recent IDC surveys demonstrate the customer interest and market momentum. In a February 2021 survey, IDC observed that 61% of organizations worldwide were interested in shifting to consumption-based models for IT investments. This interest is being driven by an explosion of interconnected applications and data across multiple locations that stretch from edge to core. All of this serves to demonstrate a clear market opportunity and the need for new operating models like APEX. IDC interviewed organizations that have deployed significant workloads on Dell Technologies APEX as-a-service hyperconverged, storage, and data protection solutions that are powered by Intel hardware (Dell Technologies APEX) about their experiences. Interviewed Dell Technologies customers reported using APEX to not only establish more efficient and cost-effective IT environments but also ensure that they can adjust to and match changing business needs. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

DELL AMD SERVERS: Selecting a Fit-for-Purpose Server Platform for Datacenter Infrastructure

This IDC eBook provides a summary of an extensive validation process performed by IDC in collaboration with the vendorʼs teams. IDC relied on data from the vendor, as well as IDCʼs own independent research, to make the statements in this document. This document is meant to provide a quick set of inferences and insights for IT professionals and business decision makers seeking to perform further due diligence on the capabilities of the product and/or services that have been evaluated in this eBook. However, the goal of this eBook is not to supply detailed, hands-on test plans and validation jobs. It is not meant to replace the evaluation process that most businesses will conduct before making any decision to purchase the product and/or services. It is for this reason that this eBook is designed not to be an all-inclusive document on all the capabilities of the product, but rather as a concise briefing that highlights features/functions of the product, their relative performance with respect to a traditional environment, and the value these features bring to businesses looking to solve certain problems for Hadoop workloads. Finally, even though this eBook is a sponsored document, it is not meant to be an IDC endorsement of the product, service, or sponsoring supplier. IDCʼs opinions are its own and not influenced by the production of this document.

InsideBIGDATA Guide to Big Data for Finance

Across industries, data continues to grow as an extremely valuable resource. This is especially true in the financial services sector. “Financial services” is a broad term that encompasses commercial banks, investment houses and insurance companies. This highly competitive sector has been largely dominated by global conglomerates, with a diverse range of smaller companies. Financial services institutions (FSIs) have always been a substantial consumer of information technology, usually ahead of other industries. For the past several years, FSIs have continued that trend by leveraging big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable new opportunities and deliver benefits to customers and employees alike.

Healthcare Workflows

Technologies such as AR, VR and AI have revolutionized how patient data is collected and utilised, meaning the clipboards on beds and doctors’ rounds are now things of the past. Using powerful workstations, information is now viewed on high-definition screens and acted upon in minutes for greater patient care. There can be no doubt that technology plays an important role in advancing the goals of healthcare organizations and their systems, as well as ensuring patient safety. So, if you are working in or planning to operate in healthcare or companies serving it, you will have to be prepared to look at your toolsets. Download the white paper now.

Media & Entertainment Workflows

In a world where content is king and the discerning audience demands an end product that’s more vivid and interactive, what is envisaged in the mind of the creator must transfer onto the screen. Over the Top streaming (OTT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), proliferation of 3D game engine technologies and High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) are all transforming how people consume content, with the Media & Entertainment industry seeing new pipelines being driven by these technological innovations. To keep pace, the creatives in your studio will need complementary hardware at their fingertips that delivers the computation power and rock-solid reliability necessary to produce content across modern media.

Scopri: Guidare la ricerca e l’innovazione con i server Dell EMC PowerEdge

Attualmente le università e i laboratori di ricerca affrontano numerose sfide di natura scientifica e allo stesso tempo cercano il modo di soddisfare le esigenze dell'istruzione moderna, tra cui l'insegnamento a distanza, l'apprendimento personalizzato e il coinvolgimento degli studenti in modi stimolanti. Dell Technologies e AMD lavorano a stretto contatto per fornire le moderne basi IT necessarie agli scienziati per sostenere in tutta sicurezza questi nuovi flussi di lavoro di ricerca. Tra gli esempi di questa eccezionale collaborazione si annovera il server Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545. Insieme, Dell Technologies e AMD hanno creato questo server ottimizzato per la GPU, dotato di processore a prestazioni elevate per alta larghezza di banda peer-to-peer nel design switchless a bassa latenza. XE8545 è l'apripista della gamma completamente nuova di server PowerEdge. I server forniscono ai data scientist e ai ricercatori prestazioni senza precedenti per implementare i loro modelli all'avanguardia di apprendimento automatico e apprendimento approfondito e accelerare i risultati del loro lavoro.

Entdecken: Forcieren von Forschung und Innovation mit Dell EMC PowerEdge-Servern

Universitäten und Forschungslabors müssen sich zahlreichen wissenschaftlichen Herausforderungen stellen und gleichzeitig den Anforderungen der modernen Bildung gerecht werden, z. B. Fernunterricht, personalisiertes Lernen und eine intensivere Einbindung der Studierenden. Ermöglicht wird dies durch eine neue Generation von Servertechnologie und die Möglichkeiten, die sie im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Servern bietet. Dieses Whitepaper befasst sich mit den Vorteilen, die Unternehmen durch den Einsatz von Dell EMC PowerEdge-Servern erzielen können.

Analisi: accelera l’elaborazione dei dati con i server Dell EMC PowerEdge

Ai nuovi flussi di lavoro servono nuove tecnologie che li supportino. Scopri come Dell Technologies e AMD collaborano per fornire tecnologia e soluzioni che diano a data scientist e ricercatori gli strumenti necessari per innovare, adattarsi e crescere. Sempre più settori fanno affidamento sulla loro capacità di elaborare grandi volumi di dati. Per esempio, nel settore finanziario, analizzare quantità maggiori di dati, effettuare velocemente transazioni e sviluppare algoritmi intelligenti sono ora vantaggi competitivi, e tutti sono resi possibili dalla tecnologia. Dell Technologies e AMD lavorano a stretto contatto per fornire le moderne basi IT necessarie alle organizzazioni per sostenere in tutta sicurezza questi nuovi carichi di lavoro.

Analysieren: Beschleunigen Sie die Datenverarbeitung mit Dell EMC PowerEdge-Servern

Immer mehr Branchen sind auf die Fähigkeit angewiesen, große Datenmengen zu verarbeiten. Die wachsenden Datenmengen, mit denen die Unternehmen arbeiten, sind jedoch mit zahlreichen Herausforderungen verbunden. Um diese Herausforderungen zu bewältigen, müssen viele Unternehmen ihre Server modernisieren und die transformativen Auswirkungen, die sie bieten können, nutzen. Dieses Whitepaper zeigt, wie Dell EMC PowerEdge-Server mit AMD EPYC-Prozessoren Innovationen in Unternehmen vorantreiben.

Analyse: accélérez le traitement des données avec les serveurs Dell EMC PowerEdge

Les nouveaux workflows exigent de nouvelles technologies. Découvrez comment Dell Technologies et AMD collaborent pour fournir la technologie et les solutions capables d’aider les experts en science des données et les chercheurs à innover, s’adapter et évoluer. De plus en plus de secteurs ont confiance en leur capacité à traiter d’importants volumes de données. Par exemple, dans le secteur financier, le traitement d’un plus grand nombre de données, l’exécution plus rapide de transactions et le développement d’algorithmes plus intelligents sont désormais des avantages concurrentiels, tous soutenus par la technologie. Dell Technologies et AMD collaborent étroitement pour proposer le fondement IT moderne dont les organisations ont besoin pour prendre en charge et optimiser leurs nouvelles charges applicatives en toute sécurité.

Sostenere: promuovere l’innovazione per aiutare a mantenere il nostro mondo con i server Dell EMC PowerEdge PDF

La tecnologia influisce sempre più sul mondo del lavoro e il settore agroalimentare non fa eccezione. Le opportunità di ricorso all'High Performance Computing (HPC) e all'intelligenza artificiale (AI) per rivoluzionare il modo in cui produciamo e gestiamo la produzione alimentare sono infinite. Tuttavia questo settore è al contempo molto impegnativo, in ragione della grande quantità di variazioni e complessità. Questa analisi descrive le opportunità e le sfide dell'HPC e dell'AI nel settore agroalimentare. Il messaggio chiave riguarda l'enorme potenziale di crescita in questo campo, che funge anche da esempio del ruolo della tecnologia in molti altri ambiti e settori.

Nachhaltigkeit: Mit Dell EMC PowerEdge Servern Innovationen vorantreiben, um unsere Welt zu erhalten

Neue Arbeitsabläufe brauchen neue Technologien, um sie zu unterstützen. Nachhaltigkeit ist eine der größten Herausforderungen, denen sich die Welt stellen muss. Klimawandel, Überalterung der Bevölkerung und Nahrungsmittelknappheit stellen allesamt einzigartige Probleme dar, an deren Lösung Wissenschaftler mit innovativen Lösungen arbeiten. In diesem Whitepaper wird untersucht, wie Dell EMC PowerEdge-Server mit AMD EPY-Prozessoren Innovationen in diesen Bereichen wie der Nachhaltigkeit vorantreiben.

Leveraging data analytics to gain competitive advantage in your industry

To unlock the value of their data, organizations around the world are turning to data analytics, data lakes and databases for data collection, management, analysis and insight. In this paper, we highlight use cases for these data solutions across a wide range of industries. These use cases are based on the collective experiences of Dell Technologies and our partners, including Intel® and Cloudera®. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

Harness the Power of Technology to Drive Your Business Forward

Dell Technologies and VMware are leaders in our respective fields. Together, we have a long history of partnership, cooperation and innovation. We work closely to align and engineer solutions that meet our customers’ needs. And we work even harder to ensure your experience with our technology is as simple, intuitive, productive and secure as possible. Dell Technologies and VMware provide unique and differentiated value to our shared customers, delivering integrated IT platforms and solutions that accelerate the journey to digital transformation. With VMware® Cross-Cloud Services™, an integrated portfolio of Software-asa-Service solutions that enable our global customers to build, run, manage and better secure applications across any cloud, and Dell Technologies go-to-market scale, broad IT portfolio and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, we deliver more secure, consistent operations and faster time to value. The output is a strategic set of integrated solutions that leverage the joint strengths of both companies and is underpinned by a deep partnership with Dell Technologies and a healthy VMware ecosystem to bring intrinsic value to our customers.

Modernize Your Server Infrastructure For Speed And Security

Every business is now a digital business, regardless of industry. To deliver on the business promise, I&O leaders must focus on platforms and practices that empower employees and delight customers. The speed of infrastructure services and efficiency are just two of the underlying critical capabilities for success. As businesses evolve, they must increasingly rely on infrastructure automation to deliver such capabilities required of them. In 2020, 56% of global infrastructure technology decision-makers surveyed by Forrester reported that they are implementing or have implemented infrastructure automation software; a further 19% said that they were planning to do so in the coming year. To succeed, I&O leaders must strategically implement these automated technologies to power the agility, speed of execution, security, and dependability to delight customers. Simultaneously, as businesses risk increasing security attacks, the manual approaches of managing security threats do not scale. With increasing attack surfaces, businesses must aim for automated ways to manage every stage of the infrastructure security lifecycle. Enterprises must plan for security and automation as part of their infrastructure from the very beginning of the design phase. Dell Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to determine what is driving infrastructure upgrades. Forrester conducted an online survey with 613 IT professionals at the manager level and higher in enterprise organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia to explore this topic. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®

ESG: Evaluating Modern Enterprise Storage

Rapid data growth and proliferating strategic digital business initiatives have been transforming organizations. According to ESG research, 98% of surveyed organizations report they are in some phase of digital transformation, and midmarket organizations are nearly as likely as their enterprise counterparts to identify as being mature in their digital transformation efforts (21% for midmarket organizations versus 22% for enterprises). And the percentage of organizations that say they are in process with their digital transformation efforts jumped from 39% to 50% in the past year. The macroeconomic challenges of 2020 created a catalyst that significantly accelerated those digital business initiatives. Sixty-two percent of surveyed IT executives working in midmarket organizations agreed that the COVID-19 pandemic has made their businesses more reliant on technology.2 Additionally, overall uncertainty—leading to difficulty in predicting future needs—has become a major challenge in recent months. Rapid adoption and integration of digital initiatives clearly increases pressure on IT organizations. In the context of budget limitations and skill shortages, that means it is going to be up to the infrastructure itself to transform sufficiently to meet the increased demands. Simpler management and smoother operation are urgently needed now. Learn more about Dell Technologies solutions powered by Intel®


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