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Edge Use Cases Demand New Storage Strategy

Dell Technologies

White Paper by

Dell Technologies

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Based on a global research study, this brief establishes the growing demand and need for edge storage solutions as well as the qualitative benefits produced by tier-one technology solution providers.

Next generation connected systems requirements are redefining product development. The increasing connectivity, exploding data creation, and intertwined business models surrounding these systems put new pressures on traditional data storage and management strategies.

Our research shows that today’s product development organizations (PDOs) must now look beyond traditional server-based solutions and evaluate supplemental storage solutions to manage their edge data needs. In addition to recognizing the need for enhanced technology choices, however, PDOs must find the partners that can help optimize their solution’s design and deployment in increasingly complex end markets. This paper examines these trends impacting a wide range of different vertical markets and the benefits achieved through the strategic selection of new storage solutions. Key findings from our research include:

- The Edge is Reshaping Storage Requirements
- Optimized Designs Require Strategic Partner Selection

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