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Data Protection for a Remote Workforce

Dell Technologies

White Paper by

Dell Technologies

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With more employees now working remotely, there is an unprecedented lack of control over data. While many technological advancements have allowed companies to fully transition their employees to home offices safely, data protection and compliance are put to the test. Organizations need to maintain productivity and security as employees shift to remote working scenarios.

In a work from anywhere world, organizations need to rethink their data protection strategies. Instead of relying on local storage, organizations should be looking to protect distributed data across the edge, core and cloud. Dell Technologies provides automated and resilient data protection that can produce a documented process for compliance and governance including file recovery and restoration - even while employees work from home.

Let us not forget the need for speed should you have to recover from data deletion, disaster - or worse, ransomware. Cloud protection helps secure distributed data and retrieve lost data. It improves collaboration and makes version control more manageable.

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