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What is Google Now?

Google Now is a digital personal assistant, and commonly known as Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana.

However, Google Now has so much more to offer than what consumers have come to expect from a personal assistant.

Of course, Google Now can perform all of the usual services and tasks that digital assistants are capable of, such as set reminders, understand voice commands, tell us the weather, monitor activity, and so forth. The key difference with Google Now however, is its smart learning capabilities.

Google Now is one of a few programmes in the world that gets better with consistent use. By engaging with Now more frequently, it is capable of learning more about the user and presenting them with content or information that they are much more likely to engage with.

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Now also differs from Siri and Cortana in the way that it is not platform specific. Whilst Cortana and Siri are limited to their proprietary devices, Now is available in app form through both iOS and Android OS, on the app store and Google Play store respectively.

Google Now’s history began in earnest in 2011, when rumours circulated that the company was enhancing its voice software for the next range of Android devices, prompting ideas that Google would be releasing a Siri competitor. Google Now was unveiled the following year.

However, the name Now had largely been phased out by October 2016 and This was due to Google’s increased drive to introduce Google Assistant as the company’s dominant personal assistant.

But what does Google Now do these days?
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