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Want to run Windows applications in real time? Wind River Systems Inc, Alameda, California is convinced that you would love to, if only you could, and it has got together with Saratoga-based Willows Software Inc to do something about it. It has introduced Willows RT for Tornado, its real-time development environment, and claims that, for the first time, developers of Network Computers, intelligent terminals, medical instrumentation and other embedded products can write their applications to the Win32 application programming interface and deploy them on top of the VxWorks real-time operating system, which is included with Wind River’s Tornado development environment. The two companies claim that with Willows RT for Tornado, any vendor offering Win32 applications can take existing source code and target their software at thousands of Tornado installations worldwide, offering customers immediate real-time support. Conversely, developers using Tornado can integrate any portion of existing Windows software source code, anything from databases and graphics to office tools, and so on, into their realtime embedded system. Products developed using Willows RT for Tornado are also portable across 68000, CPU32, PowerPC, 80960, iAPX-86, Sparc and R-series. The Willows RT for Tornado embeddable library is based on a single set of source code that can be compiled and linked for the target environment. The application code remains completely compatible with Windows. Available for Unix, Windows95, and Windows NT hosts, Tornado comprises the Tornado tool suite; VxWorks; and communications options. A single user license for Willows RT for for Tornado will be available from Wind River Systems this quarter but it is not saying how much it will cost.

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