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And Tandy Corp has come out with a low-cost CD-ROM reader, priced at $400. Microbytes reports that the CDR-1000 is an internal CD-ROM drive for IBM-compatible personal computers. The drive has a slow seek time of 800mS but according to Tandy the access time is compensated for by the drive’s transfer rate to the personal computer of 150K-bytes per second. Product manager Mark Clauder demonstrated the CDR-1000 in an 80286-based personal computer running in a speed test at the show, against an 80386-based system with a $900 CD-ROM drive, and both drives read a video clip of elephants off a disk about mammals. The 80286 with the new Tandy drive finished running the clip before the 80386, which Clauder attributes to the fact that the 80286 system was using a 2Kb buffer, while the 80386 had a 32Kb buffer. The CDR-1000 comes with interface board and all necessary cables – says Tandy, if you can install a 5.25 drive, you can install this one. The drive is out now.

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