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Best Mobile Antivirus

This list of the top five best mobile antivirus solutions compiled by CBR includes options that offer the best value for money,  the most seamless detection capabilities, and the widest array of features.

Among this top five list are names that have been building upon their reputations for a quarter of a century or more, and others that are not so globally well-known. Each one takes a unique perspective on tackling today’s problems to some extent, meaning that it is possible that you can find a solution that is almost tailored to your personal requirements.


Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender has a solid background in antivirus software, having been established as an antivirus company in 2001. In that time the brand has built a reputation so robust that 500 million devices worldwide are supported by Bitdefender software.

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In the crowded antivirus and device security space, Bitdefender has long been a frontrunner challenging the other best regarded household names. Bitdefender products have been deemed so successful that it has even earned a range of awards and widespread praise.

Bitdefender mobile antivirusBitdefender Mobile Security is available for $14.95 a year; at this amount the user has access to an app that includes features that are subject to constant adaptation, so as to keep the software at the sharp edge of current capabilities.

The software is extremely well regarded for its malware-detection feature – not only is the feature received well because it offers formidable defence, it is also able to function without becoming a drain on power that limits overall performance.

App Lock is a further useful feature, as it allows you to set a four to eight digit PIN code for specific apps, meaning that your device is secured when you are sharing your device. There is also a Reports feature that allows you the chance to view the status of your device’s security at a glance.

To link your devices together, the app will also support Android wear smartwatches. Although this one might seem unnecessary, it provides some useful, real world features than can help you in the event of losing your phone, as you can track it down with your watch.


Avast Mobile Antivirus

In contrast with Bitdefender, Avast provides a mobile antivirus solution that is completely free – but this was not always the case however. The full extent of the security features offered by Avast used to require a $14.99 fee, while only the app was free.

The potential user has to bear in mind that the service is free, meaning that the consistent malware detection provided by the some of the more expensive competitors should not necessarily be expected.

However, the core functions expected of the app have been regarded as performing at a good standard. The user can also use the software to plan ahead, by setting up and

preparing scans ahead of time to run each day for example. Alternatively, the software also gives you the freedom to initiate scans at will.

avast mobile antivirus

Avast will automatically perform scans of apps to determine if their content is safe for your device. Phishing attacks, phony system optimisers and adware can be singled out and located by the software before they pose a threat.

Some other useful features included with Avast Mobile Antivirus are a firewall, a call blocker and a privacy advisor. The privacy advisor provides a list of the apps you have installed on the device, and categorises them into low, medium or high. The firewall will only be able to work on rooted Android devices.

A feature called Avast Passwords is also included, and it allows you to create a master password that is highly secure, followed by the rest of your passwords. This handy option will make it so that you will only ever need to remember the one master password instead of the whole list. This feature is very useful given that users are encouraged to have more and more complex, unique passwords.


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