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5 speedy ways to speed up your Android

It would be nice if computers could remain as fast forever as they are when you buy them. Unfortunately that is not the case, and as humans undertake more and more tasks using their phones we see them slowing down as well. Android phones are generally more vulnerable to such issues than iOS; CBR has therefore collected some handy tips to speed it up.

1. Jettison the bloatware

Apart from those vendors that make a point of principle of shunning bloatware, many Android handsets come pre-loaded with unwanted apps that sometimes cannot actually be uninstalled. These can consume much needed CPU resources, slowing your phone down.

However, even if you can’t get rid of the apps, you can at least stop them from consuming any background CPU resources. Go to your settings, go to Application Manager, choose the apps in question and disable them.

2. Winning the memory games

By default, a lot of files that you create will be stored on your phone’s internal memory, which may not be big enough to carry all of the photos, videos and audio files you generate. Apps also create large amounts of cache files that are stored.

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One key step is to ensure that your media files are stored on an SD card, if there is one, also meaning you are less likely to run out of space. You can also clear app caches to free up additional space, as they are not necessarily needed.

3. Fight apps with apps

Although apps are sometimes the problem for your device, in the ‘there’s an app for that’ world they can also be the solution. The Clean Master app, available free for download from Google Play, provides you with a simple interface to boost your performance.

There are four settings, one allowing you to quickly round-up junk and delete it, a simple "Phone Boost" button and a battery saving option.

4. Do you really need animations?

Phones are very visually appealing these days, with animations built into various parts of the phone experience such as start-up. Although they showcase the power of the phone, if your phone is running slowly it might be worth considering turning them off in case they are compromising performance.

Check your settings to find out whether it is possible to disable any unnecessary animations and it should get your phone running more smoothly, as well as saving you the time you usually spend watching them.

5. Back to the factory

If you have tried all the available avenues and your phone is still flagging, it might be time to consider the factory reset. After making sure you have backed up all your necessary files, you can find the factory reset options under settings. This should restore your phone to as-new, while leaving firmware updates in place.
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