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Stepping up the psychological warfare against the clonemakers, IBM Entry Systems chief William Lowe told a gathering in Boca Raton last Friday that by the end of the year, IBM would have announced as many new PS/2 models as it announced last year that means five – and that there would be a model with the power of the mid-range models – that is to say the 80286-based 50 and 60 – at the price of the PS/2 Model 25 – it starts at about $1,200. The company also promised a desk-top version of the floorstanding 80386-based Model 80 this year. That was the limit of the veil-lifting, but industry gossip has there being big price cuts on the 25 and 30, a Model 40 that will fit Bill Lowe’s description, a faster disk and price cut for the Model 50, a Model 70 which could either be simply the desktop version of the Model 80 at a keener price, or the machine based on the mythical 16-bit bus 80388, and, at the top, a Model 90 with a 25MHz 80386 if these are made available by Intel. The Convertible laptop looks to be almost dead, and IBM may need to include a lap-top 80286 model to be able to bid on US government contracts. The Newsbytes wire expects some of the new machines to be at Hannover Fair.

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