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Formida Software Inc is entering into Europe and believes it is perfectly positioned to grab the up and coming spatial data market. The Australian company which has its headquarters in San Jose, California describes its Formida Universal Database Enabler as an integrated solution that enables organizations to integrate simple and complex data into one application for use with object relational databases and universal servers. Formida says the future of the database and computing world lies with spatial data and believes its Formida product is unique to the market. The company says it has good working relationships with Oracle Corp, IBM Corp and Informix Software Inc (CI No 3,152), and believes these companies to be leading the way in the spatial arena. Technically a language, Formida has a Graphical User Interface builder and high level 4 Graphics Library. It has real time handling and integrates complex data types, with rapid application development capabilities. Prior to selling Formida as a complete product the company sold its technology as a tool, and users can still purchase chunks of it to integrate particular areas of their data to best serve their needs. The product was launched a month ago in the US and is now hitting Europe, coinciding with the company opening its European headquarters in the UK at Uxbridge, Middlesex. Established 12 years ago as a four person operation working out of Sydney, the company now has four US offices and a staff of more than 80. Back then it specialized in Computer Aided Design and Geographic Information Systems and traded under the name of Mosaix Technologies. Prices start at around 10,000 pounds for a development system rising to 200,000 pounds for a 500 seat system.

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