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EIT Group Plc, the small Reading, Berkshire-based communications holding group that bought up Sintrom Plc not so long ago (CI No 1,842), has launched the first new product of real interest to emerge from the consolidated company: Precis is a Unix-based tool for monitoring the quantity and quality of various media coverage of particular news items; the product was developed by EIT’s Decisionware division; once information as to the length of a publication’s story, and its position on the page, has been entered into Precis’s database, the system gives each story a media influence index; Precis runs under MS-DOS and costs #6,000; it is available as a bureau service or on a trial basis; the system has already been used to carry out analysis of media coverage for each of the UK’s main political parties in all the national newspapers, which showed the Conservatives as receiving more positive and neutral coverage.

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