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Best Electric Cars

Electric Cars have been around for some time now but their importance has grown significantly over the last few years. With growing concern over emissions, climate change, and the waning supply of fossil fuels the demand for alternatives has risen considerably.

Recently, world renowned physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that humanity must colonise another planet in the next 100 years due to the increased strain we are placing on the planets finite resources. Earth has also just passed what scientists call ‘the point of no return’ regarding climate change as carbon dioxide levels have reached 400ppm (parts per million) permanently.

Electric cars, whilst perhaps not a permanent solution or even the best solution, offer a chance at reducing these emissions significantly. If you feel like you want to be part of the solution for a cleaner world then check out CBR’s list of the best electric cars.


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Tesla Model S

Electric Cars

The Tesla Model S is another one of billionaire and philanthropist Elon Musk’s creations. The vehicle is one of the main examples of how electric cars have changed in recent years as the common misconception regarding electrically powered vehicles is that they are slow, sluggish, and lack the power that many hydrocarbon based engines are capable of producing.

The Model S defies these expectations by being as quick and luxurious as a modern high end sports car with all of the eco-friendly trappings you would expect from an electric model. The pricier model comes with an 80kWh performance battery which is can last for over 300 miles and go from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds.

The Tesla Model S is available from £66,500


Nissan Leaf

Electric Cars

The Nissan Leaf was the first electric car to be sold en-masse in the UK and it remains one of the most popular, and cleanest, choices today. One of the more interesting features of the Leaf is that rather than buying the vehicle battery, consumers can simply lease them for as long as they own the car, which .

The Leaf is capable of distances of over 100 miles, so whilst it may not make a great vehicle for long journeys, it should have no trouble for those who make frequent short trips.

The Nissan Leaf is available from £26,000 but there is a £5000 government grant available.


Volkswagen e-Up

Electric Cars

The Volkswagen e-Up is an ideal solution for city drivers, not only is it small and nimble with a smart design both in and out, but it also qualifies as clean enough to negate the road tax and save a fair amount of money. However, it does cost almost twice as much as the petrol models which isn’t particularly enticing.

The battery also has some limitations, giving it a distance of just under 100 miles when fully charged. As a clean and swift alternative to city transport, it certainly does the trick. But for anything else, you’re probably best looking elsewhere.

The Volkswagen e-Up is available from £24,000


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