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In the biggest boost yet to the Mountain View, California company’s fortunes, Pyramid Technology Corp is expected any day now to win AT&T Co as an OEM customer: according to Computer Systems News, AT&T wants the Pyramid proprietary RISC-based MIServer line of products to top off its 3B line, likely replacing the 3B2/4000. AT&T particularly wants the machines as an alternative for System/36 users wavering over whether to go to the AS/400 or switch to Unix: AT&T has been marketing an RPG II compiler and conversion tools on the 3B line for a couple of years now. The Pyramid machines would represent a quick route up-market for the ill-starred 3B line, since they come with up to 12 processors, support up to 1,000 users and are claimed to deliver between 14 and 140 MIPS depending on the number of processors. Pyramid has been talking to Software Ireland Ltd about putting RPG II on the MIServers, and is keen to expand its business by signing major OEM contracts. Its most important up to now has been the one under which Nixdorf Computer AG markets Pyramid machines as its Targon/35 family.

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