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Top 10 science and tech books for kids

Whether it’s astronomy, computer programming or physics, getting started young is always a good idea. Getting kids interested in such big topics can be tricky, but there are some great books out there to make even the most difficult subjects exciting and fun.

10. Pop-Up House of Inventions: Hundreds of Fabulous Facts about Your Home
By Robert Crowther

Pop-Up House of Inventions

This pop-up book was created to teach kids about all of the weird and wonderful inventions that they can find in their home and beyond. The book takes the reader through all the rooms in the house, letting them peek in cupboard and under rugs, to discover new facts about things in the home.

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9. See Inside Inventions

By Alex Frith and Colin King

See Inside Inventions

This book teaches kids the mysterious and funny stories behind inventions. It aims to teach children the differences between discovery, invention and innovation, and how they come together.

8. iPad for Kids: Using the iPad to Play and Learn

By Brian Proffitt

iPad for Kids

Children are becoming more and more used to technology, with mobile gadgets becoming part of their daily lives. iPads and other tablets are seen as new toys, and companies have reacted to this by creating children-friendly apps and games, to help them learn and play and use the devices safely. This book illustrates ways kids can get started with iPads – they can learn the basics of how to use them, how to connect to the internet, use apps and how using iPads can help them learn.

7. Hello World!: Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

By Warren and Carter Sande

Hello World

Although it is not the easiest subject for children to grasp, it can be a valuable skill and one that many kids will find extremely fun and interesting. Providing a thorough introduction to computer programming, the book is aimed at children around the age of 12 (and above) and shows them all the cool things you can do with this skill, from making computer games to one day starting your own business, or simply learning more about how your computer works from the inside out.

6. There’s No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System

By Tish Rabe & Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss book

This bestselling book has been revised over the years to accommodate for the downgrading of Pluto from planet status to a dwarf planet. It is accurate and fun, with playful rhymes that aim to teach young children about the solar system.
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