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A recurring Knightmare

Knightmare cliff

When I was growing up, Knightmare was definitely my favourite TV show – apart from Baywatch, of course.

It was a magical show, with a dungeon master, elves, monsters and all sorts of weird and wonderful characters.

Each episode, there was a team of four contestants. One had a helmet placed upon their head, which prevented him or her from seeing where they were. They were actually in a TV studio being filmed with blue-screen techniques, while their three team mates guided them through a CGI fantasy world.

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It always made me chuckle when they would get their lefts and rights mixed up and the helmeted contestant would casually sidestep over the edge of a cliff.

I always wanted to appear on the show but never fulfilled the dream. The graphics weren’t amazing – this was the 80s after all. Now, though, the show is coming back, albeit for just one episode.

The one-off special will be part of YouTube’s Geek Week on August 4-10. I always wondered how good the show could be if it was brought back with state-of-the-art graphics, and now I’ll finally get to find out. I’m very excited. Geek and proud!

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