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10 Apple Watch apps built for business

The watch that looks set to compete with luxury timepieces such as Rolex was only this week presented to the world by Apple, but it has already incremented the world of apps into a lively chaos.

The ‘Applelogists’ will disburse something like £299 up to £12k for the newest gadget, which is set to be used by businesses to build a stronger and more efficient workforce.

The watch – main competitor to Samsung‘s wearable devices – will be available on the high street on the 24th April.

Until then have a look at our business apps list and start thinking of upgrading your employees to the Apple Watch.

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1. Salesforce

Salesforce Analytics for Apple Watch is a personal way to explore data, uncover new insights and take action with dashboards and lenses.

Users will also be able to swipe to get a quick glance of their most recently viewed dashboard, or use Handoff to transition between an Apple Watch and an iPhone seamlessly. Apple watches owners can also query via Voice Search to surface a report, view a dashboard or find other information.

2. Evernote

The Evernote app will allow users to dictate notes, perform searches, and see recent content on their watch when they need it.

Users will be able to set reminders and check items off their list without ever taking out their iPhone from their pocket. The app moves with the user from wrist to hand and back again, and will also enable users to seamlessly switch between iPhone and iWatch when reading.

3. Expedia

Some of the many travel apps set to appear in the next few weeks, Expedia will send notifications about gate changes for passenger’s flights, or if there is a delay. Flight numbers, departure/arrival times, gate numbers and terminals are just some of the main things the app delivers.

With lots of swiping and scrolling the app will also feature Expedia Glance, which will show all important information in a simple and fast mode. In this division users will be able to find the most important and relevant information such as hotel check-in and check-out times or if their room is ready to be occupied.

4. BetterWorks

BetterWorks is an app totally designed to improve efficiency in the work place. It’s creators, OKR, will give companies the chance to split their goals throughout their workforce and break these into parts for every employee, and track how well everyone does. This Apple Watch app allows those employee goals to show up on your wrist as everyone goes about their workday.

5. Slack

Slack brings into the market an app that directly allows key figures in the business to talk to co-workers, making business communication more effective and fast-going.

6. Invoice2Go

Some of your employees will hate this one: the Invoice2Go will feature time tracking, using geofencing for accurate check-in and out time of your workforce. It will also help pre-filling of invoices with data and alert when payments are received. This app will also help people in charge to keep an eye on their profibility just by looking at their wrist.

7. CommitTo3

Suited to both office workers and outdoor adventurers, this app will allow anyone in charge to create the best teams who collectively commit to that day’s three most important tasks. Users will benefit from reminders sent throughout the day, cross out their tasks as they complete them, and see how the rest of their team is doing.

8. Mayo Clinic Synthesis

Health is trendy and Apple is aware of that. Mayo Clinic Synthesis is specifically designed for busy doctors to manage their time. It displays a daily schedule and lets users know whether a patient is in the lobby, in an exam room, or done with an appointment. It also displays basic patient information like age, sex, and weight.

9. Mint Personal Finance

This app will help many control their monthly spending goals and track their progress towards meeting them. Apple Watch users will also have the opportunity to receive weekly notifications to let them know if their budget is going along as planned.

10. Cabbie

Just like the name suggests, this app will make you stop ordering a taxi from your phone and start using your wrist. The app will also let you oversee how long the taxi driver will take to reach you together with the taxi code.
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