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Oracle releases upgraded version of MySQL Release Candidate

Oracle has released the new version of its open-source database, MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate that claims to support demanding Web, Cloud-based and embedded application.

The new Release Candidate claims to offer users with simplified query development and execution, enhanced transactional throughput and application availability, flexible NoSQL access, improved replication and enhanced instrumentation.

MySQL 5.6 RC includes an enhanced MySQL optimiser that delivers enhanced query execution times and diagnostics.

The MySQL optimiser simplifies query development by optimising subqueries prior to execution, delivering substantial improvement in query execution times.

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Addition of Index Condition Pushdown (ICP) and Batch Key Access (BKA) can improve selected query throughput by up to 280x and the EXPLAIN for INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations will enhance optimiser diagnostics.

The InnoDB storage minimises legacy threading, flushing, purge mutex contentions and bottlenecks, enabling improved concurrency on heavily loaded OLTP systems, and improve throughput for read only workloads.

Online DDL operations enable DBAs to add indexes and perform table alterations while the application remains available for updates, while the flexible NoSQL access to InnoDB provides key-value lookup of InnoDB data via Memcached API.

Full-Text Search with InnoDB allows developers to build FULLTEXT indexes on InnoDB tables to represent text-based content and accelerate application searches for words and phrases.

The new MySQL replication features include Self-Healing Replication Clusters, High Performance Replication Clusters, Time-delayed Replication and enhanced PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.

Self-Healing Replication Clusters adds Global Transaction Identifiers and HA Utilities that automatically detects and recovers from failures.

High Performance Replication Clusters offers up to 5x faster replication through Multi-Threaded Slaves, Binlog Group Commit and Optimized Row-Based Replication, enabling users to maximse the replication performance and efficiency.

Time-delayed Replication provides protection against operational errors made on the master.

Enhanced PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA is a new instrumentation enables users to monitor most resource intensive queries, objects, users and applications.
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