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IBM launches new educational EduQuest thirty-five, fifty-five

IBM Corp has announced a new member to the EduQuest Eductional Computer family – The EduQuest Thirty-Five. According to IBM it is a very viable student, teacher, and multimedia solution that will meet the needs of kindergarten kids to 12th grade students in a stand-alone or workstation environment. EduQuest Thirty-Five has built-in upgradability, a larger range of disk drives, and high-performance video and local area network capability. The new model is based on design concepts from EduQuest Thirty and is available in audio and non-audio models. New features include a faster to the screen performance for high-resolution graphics, two expansions slots for full-sized AT boards, a main processor that uses the 80486SLC2-25/50 processor with 4Mb to 16Mb of main memory, and a built-in video subsystem compatible with IBM VGA, EGA, CGA, MDA display adaptors and the Hercules graphics adaptor. It will run, among others, PC-DOS 5.0, 6.1, 6.3, Microsoft Windows 3,1, and OS/2 operating systems and Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0, IBM OS/2 2.1, NetWare DOS ODI workstation driver software. The EduQuest Thirty-Five, non-audio with PC-DOS Licence will cost $1,285, with audio $1,455, and is out now. IBM has also launched EduQuest Fifty-Five which has increased processor speed and further functions. The new model offers 4Mb SIMM as standard main memory and supports parity SIMM, if all system SIMMs contain parity. Additional optional memory is available and the system can support up to a maximum of 64Mb. EduQuest Fifty-Five is out next month at from $1,620 to $2,655 depending on the processor.

Callpath Switchserver/2 1 2.02 integrates phone, data

The launch of Callpath Switchserver/2 Version 1 2.02 will, according to IBM, have a unique role in establishing or enhancing integrated telephone and data-processing capabilities. Put simply it will connect telephones to data processing systems. Enhancements to the previous package include remote connection to the new CallPath Server/2 and AIX CallPath Server/6000 products. SwitchServer/2 supports the following switch software; AT&T Generic 3i, Generic 3r, and Generic 3s G3V2 and G3V3 CallVisor ASAI, Northern Telecom Meridian 1 Communications System 19, Meridian Link Release 4, and Rolm 9751 Computerized Branch Exchange Release 9006.2i. It is available in October, price to be announced.

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Changes to software made easier with NetView Distribution Manager for Windows

IBM’s NetView Distribution Management Agent for Windows provides Change Control Client services for Windows workstations in a TCP/IP network. The network is controlled by a RS/6000 system running AIX/6000 Unix, acting as a Change Control Server where NetView Distribution Manager/6000 is installed. In a client-server environment with Distribution Management 600, the Windows option provides support for the installation and maintenance of the Windows operating system, of other sub-systems, and of roll your own application software, as IBM affectionately calls software that has been developed by the user. Distribution Management for Windows will accept the DM/6000 Administrator to change software used in the host workstation at the push of a button. It will then update the centralised database with the software changes it has performed. The Administrator can therefore keep track of which software packages are installed within the Distribution Management’s domain. Alternatively, a Change Control Client user, with the appropriate authority, can install and maintain workstation software as and when chnages are requested by the user. The software also enables users that have the appropriate authority to distribute or collect application data files across the network. The NetView DM/6000-supported CC Domain can be made up of Windows client workstations only or of a mixture of OS/2, AIX/6000, Windows and HP-UX client workstations. The Data Management System for Windows is compatible with all personal computers that have an 80286 or higher microprocessor or any network adaptor compati

ble with IBM TCP/IP for DOS Version 2.1. The package will be priced at $120 and will be available mid-June.

Higher switching throughputs now possible with 3745 and 3746 Model 900 networks

IBM Corp has enhanced its 3746 Model 900 so users can have higher switching throughputs in 3745 and 3746 Model 900 networks. Frame Relay frame switching can now be off-loaded to the 3746 Model 900 to save 100% of the corresponding 3745 load. Frame Relay nodes can be used for each Communication Line Adaptor that will switch 64-byte frames up to the rate of 3,000 frames per second. Each virtual circuit between Frame Relay terminating equipment can be assigned its own communication rate. This improves networking services offered to end users, enables multiprotocol subnetworks to be consolidated on the 3745/3746-900 transport network, and saves on-line costs, it says. New 3746 Model 900 hardware supports CCITT X21 leased connections at speeds of up to 256Kbps. The new version also has Communication Rate support, which enables 3745 users to allocate a minimum bandwidth to each virtual connection, depending on the traffic needs of the corresponding end stations. This guarantees that traffic will flow on a given connection at least its Communication Rate. Any unused bandwidth is then automatically allocated to active connections, which enables traffic on these connections to flow faster than the Communication Rate. It also has a Frame Relay frame switching substitute subport that provides alternate Frame Relay virtual circuit routing capability for Systems Network Arcitecture and non-Systems Network Architecture traffic; and also enables automatic non-disruptive recovery of network failures, such as loss of an intermediate link or node. Mixed Media Multi-Link Transmission Group can be used, for SNA traffic, to implement automatic non-disruptive route switching in case of line or intermediate node failure. Several Frame Relay links, or Virtual Circuits on different physical links, possibly going through different 3745s and 3746 Model 900s, can be grouped as a single logical end-to-end transmission group. The program will run on ACF/NCP Version 7.2 and ACF/SSP Version 4.2 for 3745 models and ACF/NCP Version 6.3 and Version 3.9 for 3746 models. It will cost $900 and is available from October.
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