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Yahoo fuels open source speedway with Daytona, looks to automate application analysis

Daytona – not the Florida city famous for its annual NASCAR race, but Yahoo’s latest open source offering which aims to maximise application throughput.

Daytona is an open-source framework for automated performance testing and analysis, which users can deploy as a hosted service in public cloud or on-premise.

The key selling point of Daytona is its simple, unified user interface, in which users can test and analyse the performance of any application. This allows users to focus on performance analysis without changing context across various sources and formats of data.

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Offering repeatable test execution, standardised reporting, and built-in profiling support, Yahoo’s Daytona UI accepts a performance testing script that can run on a command line. This includes websites, databases, networks, or any workload needing to  be tested and tuned for performance.

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A big plus for larger organisations is the ability to host test harnesses for multiple applications within a single centralised service. This allows developers, architects, and systems engineers from different parts of the organisation to work together on a unified view and manage performance analysis on a continuous basis.

Looking under the hood, Daytona is comprised of a centralised scheduler, a distributed set of agents running on SUTs (systems under test), a MySQL database to store all metadata for tests, and a PHP-based UI. A test can be submitted to Daytona’s queue through the UI or through a CLI (Command Line Interface) from the CI/CD system.

Architecture and Life Cycle Of A Test
Daytona was built Yahoo to be open source from the start, with the aim that the open source community can help extend its use cases and make it suitable for an even broader set of applications and workloads. Yahoo’s ultimate goal is to integrate Daytona with popular open source CI/CD tools

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