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Out of this world virtualisation! Citrix to help put virtual machines in space

Data centre and cloud virtualisation technology is soon to be out of this world, with Citrix and Vector joining hands to break the final frontier in virtualisation.

Virtual machines in space will soon be a reality thanks to Citrix joining forces with Vector, a micro satellite space launch company. The company is comprised of new-space and enterprise software industry veterans from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, McDonnell Douglas, Sea Launch and VMware and has pioneered software defined satellites.

The company’s platform, aptly dubbed GalacticSky, enables space application developers to build, test and simulate their applications without the need to build or launch a satellite. Using on orbit resources that can be dynamically configured, space entrepreneurs can test out ideas in near real-time without the cost or time required to launch a satellite.

Citrix will work with Vector to enhance Citrix XenServer for space use and validate Vector’s GalacticOS, a purpose built satellite app operating system that enables entrepreneurs to easily develop space based applications.

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Out of this world virtualization – Citrix to help put virtual machines in space
Vector was founded by the original SpaceX founding team and aims to connect space startups and innovators with affordable and reliable launch services.

“The commercial space industry is booming and with so many new opportunities and capabilities available to entrepreneurs, our GalacticSky solution is well positioned to help innovators achieve their dreams of reaching the Final Frontier,” said Shaun Coleman, General Manager & Senior VP, GalacticSky of Vector.

“Integrating payload software into a completely virtualized satellites alongside Citrix, allows us to cut down mission implementation from years to days, and furthers Vector’s vision of lowering the barriers of space access.”

Utilising Citrix XenServer, a comprehensive cloud proven server virtualization platform, GalacticSky will reduce the burden of developing and launching space hardware by removing this component altogether, revolutionising the way innovators and entrepreneurs develop solutions for space.

“At Citrix, we believe in transformation through innovation, and through this collaboration with Vector we see our technology paving the way for future entrepreneurs in space for years to come,” said Calvin Hsu, vice president, product marketing, Citrix.

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