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Chip off the old block: Intel reveals Core i9 for mobile

Taking gaming and processors to the next level, Intel has announced its Core i9 chips for laptops and mobile devices.

Intel’s new announcement of its Core i9 processor opens up the company’s CPU into the mobile environment, and is part of its new line up of high-performance mobile produces. The aim is to deliver what the company referred to as ‘the best gaming and content creation experience on the go’.

The new Core i9-8950HK processor can reach speeds of up to 4.8GHz with turbo boost, based on the Coffee Lake platform, leveraging the 14nm++ process technology. This will enable the chips to deliver up to 41% more frames per second on gameplay, as well as up to 59% faster editing for 4K videos.

Additionally Intel’s offering is the first mobile Intel processor to offer six cores and 12 threads, which the company states translates to an increase of 29% speed boost over the previous generation of Intel chips.

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Chip off the old block: Intel reveals Core i9 for mobile
Picture Credit: Intel Newsroom

“At the top of the stack, the 8th Gen Intel Core i9-8950HK processor is optimized to push the limits of performance. It is the first mobile Intel processor with six cores and 12 threads,” Intel said in a statement. “It comes fully unlocked and features the new Intel Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB), which opportunistically and automatically increases clock frequency up to 200 MHz if the processor temperature is low enough and turbo power budget is available.”

Some of the key features the new processors can offer to users include the ability to stream and record, without compromising gameplay but still enabling portability. Intel said the growing demand for faster laptops and heightening gaming industry were the driving forces to the creation of the processors for laptops.

Intel has not stopped there with its announcements, however, as it revealed its i5 and i7 processors for laptops. These will both also be based on the 14nm++ architecture, to boost the performance of laptops more than ever before.

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Another announcement the company made was launching additional support for its Optane Memory, to both of the 8th Gen mobile and desktop chips. In doing so, this aims to boost overall speeds in comparison to traditional memory systems that are in place.

The company did not specify pricing details of the processor during the announcement in Beijing, but the products will be available in due course.
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