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AI, VR and blockchain to factor in the future of applications

A report on the future of applications has given a forecast that highlights the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key trend, as well as virtual reality (VR) and blockchain technology.

Also set to have an influential presence in the applications of the future are machine learning and edge computing. All of these technologies are in their infancy at present, new frontiers that developers are exploring, and the list of potential uses is lengthening rapidly.

This report was commissioned by application delivery networking company F5 Networks, and it is entitled the Future of Apps. The report utilises research conducted by The Foresight Factory.

Among the most important uses for these new technologies will be in achieving greater levels of collaboration and transparency. This is extremely important in light of GDPR, a piece of regulatory legislation that will set out strict standards for data protection, those failing to do so will incur major penalties.

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Josh McBain, Director of Consultancy, Foresight Factory said: “Physical and digital worlds are blurring. We now have the opportunity for unprecedented productivity and efficiency at both a corporate and individual level.  More than ever before, embedded biometrics and AI will enable humans to take greater control of their personal data.”

While there are benefits to leveraging these new technologies to improve security and control over personal data, new developments often come with grey areas that can be exploited.  

“However, these technological shifts will bring significant risks to an increasingly fraught threat landscape, including the dangers of self-replicating AI, autonomous vehicle hacks or the weaponization of the Internet of Things. We now need to be prepared for when cybercriminals hack the human or even breach the brain.” Mr McBain said.

We are living in a time of unprecedented technology innovation and development, and greater mobility through devices and the cloud is altering the face of business. As applications become more prominent and integral, business will surely follow suit.

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Lizzie Cohen-Laloum, Senior Vice President EMEA Sales, F5 Networks, said: “There is growing pressure on organisations and developers to stay relevant. Demands are changing at lightning pace and security concerns are surging.

“The Future of Apps indicates how the balance of power is shifting away from businesses, creating immense opportunities for those capable of delivering apps with speed, adaptive functionality and security. This is particularly true as apps increasingly harness the cloud and sit at the heart of complex ecosystems incorporating everything from voice and biometrics to haptics and augmented reality.”
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