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Kronos Announces IBM Watson Partnership and AI to Track Your Hourly Workers

IBM has announced that it will partner with Kronos to bring its Watson AI platform to the latter’s workforce management software suite, Workforce Dimensions.

Workforce management software provider Kronos has also unveiled its own AI platform, AIMEE.

IBM Watson Career Coach will interact with employees, via chat on their mobile devices, to offer career guidance, training courses, and milestones regarding a raise or a promotion.

The Career Coach technology will also use data from Workforce Dimensions to offer personalised shift scheduling and training recommendations.

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Michael May, senior director of Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Program at Kronos, said the IBM Kronos collaboration: “helps employees and managers navigate common but often challenging workforce management situations quickly and more naturally”.

“The power of Workforce Dimensions and Kronos D5 combined with the intelligence of IBM Watson allows everyone to work smarter by understanding the intent beyond common time and attendance or scheduling questions, suggesting a path forward for development and mutual success,” he added.

IBM said the partnership will help improve engagement, performance, career development, and retention specifically for workers who are paid by the hour – who number 80 million in the US, or 58 percent of the US workforce aged 16 and older, according to the US Department of Labor.

AIMEE AI Watches For Employee Fatigue

Kronos also announced its own AI engine, AIMEE, or Artificial Intelligence for Managers and Employees.

IBM Kronos
“I see you’re sleeping on the job again Dave.”

AIMEE analyses organisational data in real time to offer predictive insights. It also offers HR predictions on flight risk and employee potential, and watches for employee fatigue.

Managers also get an insight on the impact that employee absences and unplanned schedule changes have on the business, and can improve scheduling accuracy by as much as 20 percent.

But it provides benefits for the worker as well, according to Kronos.

Employees can manage a better work-life balance thanks to the AIMEE AI, which builds them personalised work schedules, processes requests for time off, and suggests fellow employees for shift swaps.

Kronos uses automation and AI in its workforce management and human capital management solutions across a whole range of departments, from payroll, performance management, HR, timekeeping, and talent acquisition.

Kronos said half the Fortune 1000 and more than 40 million people in over 100 counrties use the platform every day.

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