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Need a career change? Top 5 smart IoT jobs

All the giants are searching for IoT experts – IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Verizon, the list goes on.

CBR gets together five of the most trending IoT jobs in the market right now.

1. CIoTO

Controversial, the Chief IoT Officer is still not part of the Board, but companies are discussing its introduction.

Mostly associated with the roles of the CIO, CTO and CDO, the CIoTO will be someone that will put the company on the fast lane of adoption of IoT and M2M technologies.

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He or she will be someone that can understand the value of data and turn it into business opportunities by integrating, analysing and taking action based on this same data.

The CIoTO will need to be someone that can also effectively communicate with other C-suite level board members to justify and drive the company’s IoT budget and action moves.

Not all agree on the importance of such role, as Richard Soley, CEO at OMG said: "Right, because what we need is 50 chief officers in a few years time, and the bottom one will be the Chief Bullshit Officer (CBO)."

2. IoT Architect

An IoT Architect is responsible for translating the client’s business requirements into specific system, application or process designs, according to IBM.

An IoT Architect needs to have a good design background to develop mobility solutions, which will require knowledge on how to architecture them from requirements analysis through systems, application and/or process design specification.

Some responsibilities of the role include presentations on IoT Strategy to C-suite execs, including development of that same strategy, and an eye to make an IoT business with a customer and/or partner.

3. Head of IoT

If applying for the role of Head of IoT, one will be responsible for the X-sector and for P&L, including generating and delivering business plan for profitable growth.

This role, which already hosts a few job opportunities in the market, also focus on building the company’s brand and profile in the connected world as well as sales and profit contribution.

A Head of IoT is someone that can lead on business development both directly through relationships and via Account Directors across sectors.

He or she is accountable for successful delivery of all project work and will also lead development of differentiated market propositions which include a combination of advisory services, IP and technology platforms.

4. IoT Software Engineer

Knowledge of MQTT, RabbitMQ, CoAP, Google Pub/Sub, Cisco XMPP and Azure Event Hub need to be in the CV of an IoT Software Engineer.

Individuals working in this position will be responsible for building prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing and sets up, and run lab simulations.

An IoT Software Engineer is also someone that evaluates engineering approaches and risks to produce development plans.

Engineers have to ensure the development for the software is robust enough to cope with the heavy user demand for IoT based applications and systems.

5. IoT Sales Representative

For those that have a genuine passion for sales, the IoT Sales Representative is an option to consider. The ones that take on this role are responsible for selling their company’s IoT services.

Very much like an IoT PR, the IoT Sales Representative will have to build on relationships with existing and potential customers.

Often working on assigned KPI’s, the sales person must have a good understanding of the technology he or she is selling and what the clients’ requirements are in order to design a fit business map to those customers.

A company already investing heavily in this position is PTC, where its IoT Sales Representatives currently work with 27,000 customers representing $1.3 billion in annual sales.
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