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Large hadron collider gets big data storage boost

Collaboration between researchers and CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is set to improve as a result of a key collaboration.

Comtrade has joined CERN openlab as an associate member, with the company planning to play a role in addressing the accessibility, scalability and manageability of CERN’s EOS storage system used by CERN.

As both the amount of data from experiments and the number of research organisations increases, CERN has developed a plan to productise the EOS system. Comtrade was selected to help facilitate easy data access and use.

EOS is an open source distributed disk storage system.

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The CERN data centre collects more than 30 petabytes of data per year from LHC experiments, it stores and shares data with institutions around the globe.

The hope is that it can improve EOS deployment, data access and management which form key parts of CERN’s mission to study the basic constituents of matter.

CERN openlab is a public-private partnership which is designed to accelerate the development of solutions for the worldwide LHC community and for wider scientific research.

In order to facilitate the research being done around the world there needs to be fast and easy access to large amounts of data.

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