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Best free antivirus software

Cybersecurity is an issue that never goes away. Hacks are becoming more and more prominent and a growing concern for not just the tech industry, but the world as a whole. With that said, even though the emphasis today is on privacy, data, and the IoT, basic security starts with securing your own systems. If you don’t have the correct tools to protect yourself then you could find yourself in dire straits relatively quickly.

Recently Intel Security ran a test on a router to determine current threat levels on unsecure systems. The router in question was left in idle mode and unsecured in order to gauge how quickly the device could be compromised. The test found that the unsecure device was affected by malicious software in just sixty seconds.

In order to protect yourself against these threats, both old and new, antivirus is just as important as ever. The only problem with this is that sometimes antivirus software can get pretty pricey, pretty swiftly. However, CBR has you covered, check out this list of the best free antivirus software to ensure that you’re properly protected.


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1. AVG


antivirusAVG antivirus is one of the most popular protection solutions on the market today. AVG and Avast, after the latter acquired the former, have roughly 400 million users worldwide combined. When tested by independent labs it was found that AVG has an extremely high malware blocking score and a fairly decent malicious URL blocking score.

Unfortunately, as the system is incredibly thorough this means that a full scan of your computer, particularly the initial scan, can take some time. The software also had a lower than average score when tested for phishing protection, meaning users will have to use a bit more common sense if they go with this option.

However, one of the biggest benefits of using AVG is that you become a part of its enormous sample size, meaning that you are one of the reasons that the software is consistently getting better. Currently AVG utilises machine learning drawing vast wells of data from its users and continually improving the service offered. If you don’t mind a slower scan and you can trust yourself to identify phishing scams, then look no further than AVG.


2. Avira


Avira antivirus is another tried and tested antivirus software, one which has more than stood the test of time. Avira was first launched in 1986 and since then has gone on to acquire hundreds of millions of happy, and more importantly, safe customers. With independent testing labs Avira was found to be excellent when used for blocking malicious URL’s and blocking ad trackers within browsers.

Unfortunately, many of these functions are not available to internet explorer users, meaning that to enjoy full protection you may have to change your browser to compensate for that. On top of this, Avira is yet another entry on the list that has a fairly slow scan rate and rated fairly poorly for anti-phishing protection.

If you’re not an Internet Explorer user and enjoy the benefits of platforms such as Chrome or Firefox then the protection offered by Avira is almost unparalleled. However, if you’re absolutely married to the idea of using IE then this may not be the correct antivirus solution software for you.


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