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Salesforce simplifies data analytics with new Einstein capabilities

Salesforce has expanded the capabilities of its Einstein AI system, helping businesses simply how data is analysed.

The new update demonstrates how Salesforce customers can simply interacting with their data using ‘Conversational Queries’. This capability allows users to type a phrase and the AI capabilities from the Einstein system will make suggestions of how to extract and present the data.

Einstein AI can display answers in automatically configured dynamic charts, allowing users to visualise their data more clearly and share with their team. For example, a user could type ‘show me top accounts by annual revenue’ and Einstein will place the results in a simple chart to view rankings more easily.

From what has been asked Einstein will then analyse the data and provide the best way to visualise the answer. However, if customers would like an alternative visualisation, there is the suggested charts option to tether this.

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The benefits to users will be to enable them to turn data into actions, outlining what is happening within the business and where focus needs to be placed. For example, it could help a business identify where to focus on sales, or better serve customers.

Salesforce simplifies data analytics with new Einstein capabilities
The platform offers various different visualisations of the data.

Salesforce’s expansion on the system is now available in beta, offering a new way to explore data and get answers to questions faster, eliminating both the number of clicks users do to find answer as well as ridding the training required to create and analyse charts.

Additionally, users can see a visual history of their questions and make it easy to review and find the question or char that was most useful. Once the desired outcome has been created, the analytics can easily be shared through the Salesforce system.

Rick Nania, director of CRM operations at Active International, is using the system and said: “Conversational Queries is going to be a huge game-changer in the AI and BI space. Having the ability to ask questions and gain key insights into our data just by typing or speaking a few words is amazing. I was impressed with the ability to get suggestions just by typing in a few letters and seeing other possible questions to ask- no data scientists required.”

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Using the system, customers will also get their answers much quicker than they would be able to if it were a data scientist carrying out the task. Einstein Analytics eliminates the need for a human and can follow-up questions on the spot. This makes analytics faster and more natural, enabling businesses to reap the benefits and opportunities quicker than ever before.
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