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Dell EMC customers to benefit from VMware Solutions through IBM Cloud

IBM and Dell EMC have announced a push in their collaboration to allow Dell EMC customers to use VMware solutions for their businesses through the IBM Cloud.

During VMWorld Europe 2017, in Barcelona, a much-discussed topic was integrating cloud systems to transform businesses from how they operate today to a more efficient platform that can benefit the future forever.

Dell EMC customers benefit from VMware Solutions through IBM Cloud
Dell EMC extend partnership with VMware.

Expanding the partnership with VMware will allow Dell EMC’s commercial customers to quickly deploy and scale solutions on existing IT whilst using the public cloud. Businesses will be able to move data to the cloud whilst still using the benfits of Dell EMC’s infrastructure and VMware platform.

The partnership aims to solve important needs for the clients and customers of Dell, combining cloud foundations with IT solutions to effectively integrate client data centres into globally available cloud services.

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Commercial customers for both of the companies that are wanting increased security were where the integration arose. Through the system VMware solutions can be ran on dedicated servers, encrypt data at rest on attached storage and connect on-premises environments to IBM Cloud.

IBM wants to bring centre server on the cloud to all their customers across all areas of Dell EMC systems. David Kinney, Senior Vice President IBM, said: “IBM & Dell have a big agreement across the whole family, to accelerate cloud adoption and provide all customers with access to the VMware solutions on the IBM cloud, as well as working on hardware.”

By using integrated cloud software, the solutions will give businesses a better performance overall that will help increase the amount of data they can store.

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Using VMware vCentre Server through IBM’s Cloud platform, Dell will be offering its customers the ability to further their on-premises datacentre capacities intro the public cloud, moving from internal to external platforms.

At VMWorld Europe Kinney said: “I feel great about the partnership. Over 1,400 clients have come together to work with VMWare and cloud. The partnership is deep – see ach other often to make sure it meets the needs of customers.”

VMware solutions on IBM Cloud will be resold to commercial customers by Dell EMC in the fourth quarter of 2017.
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